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Sandra Bullock has confirmed that she’s taking a break from the crazy world of Hollywood, saying she’s “so burnt out.”
Betty White children
Betty White, who passed away last Saturday, decided to never have children during her long life, and she explained why in 2012.
Betty White Don Cheadle Golden Palace Goldenest Golden Girls tribute
Don Cheadle, who starred on “The Golden Palace” with Betty White, shared a special story about why she was the “goldenest” of them all.
Sandra Bullock
December 20, 2021
Sandra Bullock is a mother while maintaining a career as one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses. With motherhood came a unique “superpower”
Ricky Gervais blasts Hollywood hypocrites during Golden Globes monologue
Ricky Gervais is firing back at his liberal haters after he called out Hollywood hypocrites at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.
Bird Box Challenge
January 3, 2019
Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix thriller Bird Box is all anyone is talking about and because of the film’s growing popularity, a viral challenge has been born.