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chevy truck tannerite explosion video
May 20, 2020
These guys use 30 pounds of tannerite and deer rifles to blow up a 1994 Chevy pickup truck. The end results are shocking!
Jeff Foxworthy
Redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy was so bored in quarantine that he shaved off his mustache for the first time in 40 years.
Jeff Foxworthy
After a 5 hour book signing at Walmart, Jeff Foxworthy decided to dispense some redneck fashion tips that Walmart shoppers need to hear.
Jeff Foxworthy wife trained him special comedy marriage
February 14, 2018
Comedy great Jeff Foxworthy, everyone’s favorite redneck, explains how his wife trained him so subtly that he didn’t realize it for years.
redneck snow plow
January 11, 2018
This red neck snowplow is rather brilliant. Watch this man use a television box to plow his driveway! If it works, it isn’t stupid!
Adam Parkins
May 24, 2017
Ginger Billy turned the RompHim into a redneck romper when he showcased its many uses for your everyday redneck. You can’t help but laugh.