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Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian every redneck loving American can enjoy. He doesn’t have a problem making fun of himself or anyone like him. He is great at making us laugh about everyday situations.

Jeff Foxworthy Holds Walmart Book Signing

He found some new material for his redneck routine right where you might expect – at Walmart.

In the video below, Foxworthy details what he experienced at a 5-hour book signing at Walmart. People don’t dress their finest to shop there and they didn’t get fancy to meet their favorite redneck either!

Needless to say, Walmart shoppers didn’t disappoint.

They came out wearing their best Walmart fashion for our favorite redneck! Jeff insists that certain clothes shouldn’t come in certain sizes.

He also recommends that if your belly prevents you from seeing your feet, that you should just keep your belly covered. There is no reason to expose it.

Jeff also believes some clothes need an age limit. He has some serious advice for women over the age of 15 who wear sweatpants with words printed over the seat of the pants. Don’t do it!

Watch Jeff Foxworthy explain in the video below what he witnessed during this prolonged book signing at Walmart.

As a spokesman for the redneck population, he wants to dispense some redneck fashion tips. In typical Foxworthy fashion, this is hilarious!

He’s totally right. Many articles of clothing need an age limit. There reaches a time when people need to just keep it covered up and say no to spandex!

Tight ain’t always right! Don’t be ashamed of your spare tire, just keep it in the trunk!

I agree wholeheartedly agree with the blue collar comedian. Cover it up!

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