Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy’s mustache has been a casualty to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a signature piece of the comedian’s look for decades but he decided to shave it off and see what he looks like without it. 

Coronavirus Quarantine

We all are getting bored as we are stuck in our homes as we isolate in hopes of staving off the virus. Jeff Foxworthy is no exception.

He shared on Instagram that he was so bored as he is quarantined that he decided to shave off his mustache. He hasn’t been without it 40 years.

It was part of his redneck image and he definitely looks a lot more refined without it. 

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You Might Be A Redneck If…

It’s hard to imagine his redneck jokes going over so well without a mustache. He might have to grow his mullet back to make up for this!

Facial hair grows back and he obviously has the opportunity to give his famous mustache new life. 

Foxworthy started his career as the ultimate redneck comic in a Michigan bowling alley where the Georgia native was called a redneck. 

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From Taste of Country: 

“When I did the first redneck joke, it was just a response to someone calling me a redneck,” Foxworthy tells Taste of Country.

“We were at a club in Michigan; the club was attached to a bowling alley that had valet parking and I said, you don’t think you have rednecks in Michigan? Look out the window, people are valet parking at the bowling alley,” he says.

“So I go back to the hotel and I said, I know I’m a redneck but apparently a lot of people don’t know they’re one and I wrote 10 ways to tell (if you’re a redneck). I went back the next night, not thinking this is going to be a hook or a book, I’m just trying to come up with standup. But then people not only laughed, they were pointing at each other, so I thought there might be something here.”

Jeff might need to take his own advice from the video below.

Foxworthy And Appearances

Several years ago, he discussed how men don’t care what they look like. An average man is never going to go lengths to care about their appearance as much as women do. But after shaving off his signature mustache, Foxworthy might change his mind about not caring about what he looks like.

I’m guessing the mustache will be returning soon!

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