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Most people would just have their old cars or trucks hauled away to find their forever home in a junk yard. But not these guys. They took aim to send off their 1994 Chevy truck in epic style. To dispose of the old brown and white beauty, they used 30 pounds of tannerite to create a massive explosion.

The resulting blast is so immense that you have to see the video to believe it. 

Chevy Blown To Smithereens In Viral Video

This entire experiment ended up being legendary. They dug a hole under the driver’s side door and placed a 5 gallon bucket there. They used rifles to hit the bucket which would ignite the tannerite and blow up the Chevy to smithereens. It took them more than a few tries to hit it, but it’s worth the wait!

“We started out at about 300-350 yards with deer rifles but because of the terrain we could barely see the bucket. They moved up to about 200-250. It looks like they are much closer because I’m still at 300-350 zoomed in on the camera.”

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The explosion was so intense that little remained of the Chevy to clean up. The guys did this on private land so that wasn’t a real concern, but the sound was so noticeable that police showed up to check it out. 

Sheriff Department Shows Up After The Explosion

The video, posted by YouTuber ws6jay, has gotten 400,000 views as it will certainly grab your attention. When he posted the video he stated they intended to have a bigger explosion with 10 additional pounds of tannerite but they didn’t have enough room in the bucket. 

We bought 40 pounds of tannerite to blow up this truck but we only brought a 5 gallon bucket, we could only fit about 30 pounds in the bucket, maybe a little more. The local sheriff’s department came, they said it knocked out the windows on a house on the hill and it shook the sheriff’s house in town (about 15-20 miles away). They also said they received about 100 phone calls. I highly doubt any of this is true, they issued no tickets, and I’m not even sure if the closest town even has 100 houses.

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That old truck blew up quickly. After the dust settled, the stunning results of the dramatic explosion were evident.

There wasn’t much left of that once mighty truck. This is something right out of a Bro Bible. Shooting rifles and using explosives to destroy junk you no longer need is quite a macho move. 

Grab your popcorn before you watch the video below. 

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