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Jeff Foxworthy of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour is a relatable guy who finds humor in everything around him. He makes frustrating and boring situations hilarious. The country’s favorite redneck has a particularly astute way of pointing out the differences between men and women. In this funny video, Jeff Foxworthy treads into particularly precarious territory joking about his wife and marriage.

Jeff Foxworthy On Marriage

Women work hard to train their men. They don’t even need a cattle prod to train them. This is often done in such a subtle way that the men don’t realize what is going on.

Foxworthy realized this after being married for a while when his wife simply said, “I’m hot” one night while they were laying in bed.

He just automatically got up and turned on the ceiling fan without even thinking about it. That’s when he knew his wife had him trained.

The crowd roared with laughter while he explained the situation.

You can watch Jeff Foxworthy explain how he was trained by his wife in the video below.

He is right! Training your spouse is an important part of marriage. If your husband automatically reacts in this manner, there is no need to nag him.

Foxworthy Is Surrounded By Women

Jeff Foxworthy is surrounded by women at home. He and his wife have two girls. Another interesting fact is that his mother has nine grandchildren, and all of them are girls. So, Jeff lives in an “estrogen ocean.”

Jeff says all these girls leave so many naked Barbies laying around that his house is like a “Naked Barbie Woodstock.”

Given the fact that he is the only male at home, he spends half his time trying to figure out what someone is crying about. Isn’t that the truth?

Sometimes women don’t even know what we are crying about ourselves!

You can watch him talk about this interesting situation in the video below.

I can’t imagine dealing with so many teenage girls. That would be rather interesting!

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