redneck snow plow

Rednecks get made fun of a lot for their non-traditional style of culture. In reality, rednecks are rather resourceful people that we could all learn from.

When you don’t have a lot, you make do with what you do have. This means creativity is a must. When one redneck encountered snow in his driveway, he put his redneck brain to use and came up with a great solution.

He must have gotten a television for Christmas because he strapped the box to the front of his lawn mower. Since the box was sturdy, this quick fix worked surprisingly well. Jeff Foxworthy would certainly be impressed with this redneck’s ingenuity!

Watching the video below might give you a good reason to buy a new television!

That is rather brilliant. While others are out buying expensive plows, this man used what he had laying around his house to Git ‘R Done!

If you live somewhere that doesn’t get much snow, it would be a waste of money to buy a plow. If this man didn’t attach a television box to his mower, it would have taken a long time to shovel the driveway. By using the television box, he saved so much time.

This redneck earned a lot of praise from Facebook commenters.

Gordie Auckland commented “Great use of resources… the amount of money to be spent on a plow to be used a few times is less than the 50” tv and you get to plow with the empty box … end of winter .. throw out box ..LOL”

Josh Tyma made an excellent comment and said that anyone making fun of this man needs to stop. He wrote, “If it looks stupid but it works.. it ain’t stupid!”

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