wwe betting a problem
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Following the news that the company could be showing up at sports books, we have to admit that WWE betting could be a problem. Plus, is Gable Steveson coming soon, finally?

WWE Betting Could Be A Problem

It sounds crazy that it might happen, and now lets discuss how WWE betting could be a problem…for the Superstars.

Yes, WWE betting could be coming to your favorite sports book, if you are into those kinds of things.

It is a bit ludicrous, all things considered.

While sports betting has been gaining in popularity for years, as more states make it easier to do, did we ever think WWE could get into betting?

Consider that professional wrestling is a spectacle with a fixed outcome, and it seems preposterous.

In traditional professional sports, athletes have been banned for life for trying to fix their contests.

Now, we might be allowed to place bets on matches that are, and have been…scripted.

As crazy as it sounds, this possible WWE betting could be a problem for Superstars.

That tidbit comes from Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

wwe betting a problem

source: @MindFrank_Music, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, Dave points out that all of those pre-determined outcomes? Superstars won’t be able to know a thing about them anymore.

As we watch builds for big matches, odds are key talent is aware of how things are going, days, weeks or even months in advance.

If betting on WWE actually gets to be a thing, those days are over. Only a select few might have clearance to know, and if ever those expected results leak, it won’t be pretty.

Personally, for so many reasons, I think anyone considering legalizing betting on WWE is crazy.

And, anyone crazy enough to want to bet on the outcome of a WWE match? Even crazier.

Gable Steveson Coming Soon?

What might not be so crazy is that Gable Steveson could finally be coming soon.

The United States Olympic gold medal winner was a big signing by WWE…but that was in 2021.

Admittedly, Steveson was given time to finish his collegiate career at the University of Minnesota, explaining some of the delay.

While still a Golden Gopher, Steveson had a training facility near school to help him prepare for life in a WWE ring.

In spite of that, the young future Superstar has yet to make an in-ring debut.

But could Gable Steveson be coming soon?

According to an interview with Steveson…maybe.

Considering he’s just 23, and he’s never worked a WWE match, the hype around this young man is huge.

At one point, due to the lack of Gable, whispers popped up that Triple H lost confidence in the medal winner.

wwe betting a problem

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However, that was shot down, and reports emerged that Gable Steveson actually had an injury hampering his efforts. That injury has been repaired and things trending upward.

Now, it seems that we could see him show up shortly.

Per the interview, it does sound like we might see Gable Steveson debut at some point after WrestleMania 39.

Now, that could be a really broad window. On one hand, Gable could arrive the week after the big show.

Or it could be weeks or months. After all, he did indicate he had interest in chasing another Olympic gold next year.