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In something not completely unexpected, Brie and Nikki Bella are no more. Plus, Kane leaves the door open for a WWE return.

Brie And Nikki Bella No More

Long fixtures in WWE and reality television, Brie and Nikki Bella are no more.

Sort of.

The Bella Twins made a big announcement this week. Brie and Nikki Bella are no more.

Moving forward, we can call them Brie and Nikki Garcia.

The twins made the announcement, which was covered by People and other outlets.

This coincides with their WWE contracts running out. As Brie and Nikki mentioned, they knew it was time to close this chapter and start something new.

Of course, we have not seen them as Brie and Nikki Bella much lately, so hearing they are no more? Might not be the biggest loss.

The twins were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame a few years back. But outside of some cameos, they’ve primarily been focused on life and projects beyond the squared circle.

Of course, considering some obvious ties to AEW, speculation quickly turned to whether or not Nikki and Brie would head there.

Some current AEW talent offered congrats to the twins-which won’t quiet that speculation.

Now, we wait to see what the next chapter brings.

Kane Leaves Door Open

Someone who isn’t likely going anywhere, Kane leaves the door open for another WWE return.

Kane, of course, keeps himself busy with his day job as Glen Jacobs, mayor of Knox County.

The WWE Hall of Famer, recently featured on the A&E WWE shows, has not done much on camera for the company.

He has been in the news plenty, but not always for the best reasons.

Still, Kane said he always leaves the door open for a WWE return.

Considering his former Brother of Destruction is now fully retired and not bringing the best gimmick back, who knows. Maybe Kane fills the nostalgia void?

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Still, it seems less likely with WWE under new management.  It seems even less likely considering some of the controversial comments Jacobs has said.

Or, you know, the bit of scandal that hit his office last year.

Triple H seems decidedly less inclined to depend on big names from past eras. Perhaps some in key spots, like The Rock, but not so much as his former boss.

But, if ever Hunter wants to bring back the Big Red Machine, then Kane has left that door open.

Personally, outside of a quick spot like we had when Kane took care of Pete Rose a few times, there isn’t much reason to bring him in.

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