Boston arrested burning American Flag memorial day

A man was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts after he allegedly stole an American flag from a memorial commemorating fallen service members. The man then reportedly set that flag on fire and threw it onto a police car. At the time of arrest, the man sealed his fate by spitting on the officers trying to arrest him. Adding insult to injury is the fact these events all occurred over Memorial Day weekend.

Man Sets American Flag On Fire – Throws It On Police Car

ABC News reported that the flag burning incident occurred on Sunday night at around 7:10pm.

Boston PD officers were approached by multiple people. The witnesses indicated they saw a man light an American flag on fire before throwing it onto the roof of a Boston Police prisoner transport vehicle.

The police transport was later found in Boston Common with nobody inside it.

“Officers were approached by several concerned citizens who stated that they had observed the suspect lighting fire to an American flag and throwing it onto the roof of an unoccupied Boston police prisoner transport wagon which was parked near the fountain inside the park,” the Boston Police department said in a statement obtained by Masslive.

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Police Arrest Suspect

Later, officers arrested 40-year-old Daniel Lucey. The arrest was made after confirming Lucey the individual who lit the flag on fire and threw it onto the police transport.

The suspect allegedly saw the despicable act as a ‘protest’.

Earlier, volunteers had planted 1,000 flags in Boston Common over the weekend. The flags were in honor of Memorial Day. And, of course, a sign of thanks to the military veterans who sacrificed their lives for the rest of our freedoms.

“Officers noted that the suspect was in possession of several other flags which appeared to be similar to the ones which are planted in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument over Memorial Day weekend to commemorate the Massachusetts service members who have given their lives in defense of the United States of America,” the Boston Police Department said in a statement. 

Suspect Spits On Officers

Boston PD added that as officers spoke with Lucey after the incident, he spit at the cops, hitting one responding officer’s shoe with saliva.

Officers immediately arrested the suspect and placed him in police custody at the scene.

Lucey now faces a battery of charges including Disorderly Conduct, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Malicious Destruction of Property and Malicious Destruction of Historical Monuments.

It’s incredibly disturbing that this man showed such little respect. No respect for the American flag or the veterans who died for it. Not to mention the police officers who are just trying to do their jobs.

Flag burning is indefensible. And even more heinous on Memorial Day.

Hopefully the judge will make an example of Daniel Lucey. It needs to be crystal clear that this type of anti-America and anti-police sentiment is not tolerated. 

This is America. We respect our flag. We respect our fallen. And we respect our first responders.


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