An Army Sergeant from Texas who risked his life fighting for the American flag is going to battle with his Homeowners’ Association (HOA). They demanded that he take his flag down outside of his home.

“They said you can’t have a flagpole and so I took it off the flagpole and then the HOA president who lives right down the street still told me that I can’t fly my flag, period,” recalled Army Sgt. Chris Link, according to Fox News.

No American Flag – It Violates the Rules

Last week, Link received an email from his HOA at the Falls of Fox Creek community in Killeen telling him that the American flag he proudly had hanging outside of his home had to come down. They told the serviceman that he was violating their rules that American flags could only be displayed on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and Flag Day. Link was heartbroken to read the email. He loves showing how much he loves his country by flying the flag outside his house.

“That flag means more to me than a lot of people realize,” Link said. “That’s the only reason I joined the Army; was to fight for my country because I love that flag and everything that flag stands for.”

Link Stands Up for His Rights

Link stuck to his guns and responded to the HOA by saying that he had every right to fly his flag according to the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005. The HOA then wrote back, “You cannot display your flag. We have gone through this with a number of homeowners. Please remove it, or I will have your fine sent out today.”

Later on, the president of the HOA added that the landlord who owns Link’s home had been the one to complain and demand that the flag be taken down.

“The owner was the one that ask(ed) me to send him pictures of his home and yes, he said for you to remove the flag,” the HOA president said. “When the owner of the property say(s) do something, you comply. Sorry you (feel) that we are unpatriotic. I served 28 years in the military, but the HOA has its own by-laws that will be followed and you will follow them like everyone else, no exception.”

Neighbors Show Support

Regardless of this response, Link is not backing down in the slightest and is continuing to fight this. Much to the HOA’s dismay, Link’s neighbors have been standing by him and showing their support by hanging flags outside of their homes.

“I don’t think anybody who has a home in the United States of America should be told they can’t fly the colors, the flag for that same country they’re residing in,” said Clifford Devaul, a veteran who lives next-door to Link.

It’s despicable that a veteran who served his country is now being told that he can’t fly the American flag that he risked his life for. Link deserves to be able to fly his flag wherever he pleases, especially in front of his home. This is yet another example of veterans not getting the respect that they deserve in this country. Unlike this HOA, we at Tell Me Now always stand behind our veterans and their right to fly the American flag!