Sam Elliott’s Memorial Day Tribute To WWII Hero Reminds Us Of The True Cost Of Freedom

Sam Elliott gives a stirring Memorial Day tribute to a WWII hero who survived D-Day and honored the fallen who died at Omaha Beach.

Sam Elliott has an All-American appeal. He’s a tremendous actor with wide appeal and he’s a proud American. Last Memorial Day, Elliott delivered a stirring tribute to a World War II veteran who survived landing at Omaha Beach on D-Day amidst tremendous loss. The Tombstone star retells this incredible story in the earnest words of the WWII hero himself.

The Academy Award nominated performer read the words of Sgt. Ray Lambert, a medic, who survived that harrowing day and still continues to find ways to honor those who didn’t.

Elliott struck the perfect tone of being both somber yet strong in retelling the stories of tremendous heroism and loss.

Lambert, who wrote, “Every Man A Hero: A Memoir of D-Day” is a humble man who looks to shine the spotlight on others as is highlighted by Elliott’s gripping retelling. 

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Sam Elliott Retells D-Day Story Of WWII Hero

“It was total confusion,” Elliott read.

“Shells exploding, boats blowing up, people yelling because they couldn’t hear anything, machine gun bullets hitting the water all around you, the roar of the boats coming in. It’s like you’re all alone in the world of a million people because you’re concentrating on what you have to do.”

“I just kept going. I was thinking of only one thing — getting to the men who needed me,” Elliott continued. “You did the job you were trained to do. If you didn’t, you died.”

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Sgt. Lambert was injured but continued saving people despite his pain. When he finally was taken to be cared for, a Navy doctor recognized his name.

Lambert’s brother was also injured and the doctor reunited them as they recovered. 

Honoring The Fallen In Memorial Day Tribute

The A Star Is Born actor concluded by reading the WWII Veteran’s words detailing how he thinks every day about those men who lost their lives. 

“People who have never been in a war should understand what soldiers give up. The guys we left on Omaha Beach never had a chance to live the lives they dreamed of,” Elliot somberly said.

“A day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t prayed for the men we lost and their families. I still wake up at night sometimes thinking about the guys. Every man that walked in to those machine guns and that artillery fire on Omaha Beach that day — every man — was a hero. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t tell their stories?”

Sam Elliot concluded the heartfelt tribute by walking over to the WWII hero and shaking his hands. You can watch this inspiring moment in the video below.

This is something everyone – especially the young – should watch to understand the sacrifice and patriotism of the Greatest Generation. 

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