Best Netflix Memorial Day Movies

Memorial Day is the day in the United States where we honored those who sacrificed everything for our country. The day should be spent going to your local national cemetery to lay wreaths and pay respects.

If you are going to stay home, why not watch a great movie on Netflix that honors those who died in the defense of our beautiful nation? Here are some of the best Memorial Day movies on Netflix.

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Saving Private Ryan 

Considered by many to be the greatest war movie ever made, Saving Private Ryan takes an unflinching look at the toil and sacrifice of the D-Day invasion and how we put everyday men in harm’s way to defeat the Nazis.

Great performances and some of the most incredible war scenes ever put to the camera make this a must-watch. 

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The Patriot 

There aren’t enough good Revolutionary War movies. I guess muskets and powdered wigs aren’t that exciting. The Patriot thankfully is light on the wigs and heavy on Mel Gibson hurling axes at redcoats.

The movie is also the only Roland Emmerich film that isn’t two hours of CGI nonsense. 

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Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is a great movie for both Veterans Day and Memorial Day. A satirical and unflinching look at the Vietnam War and the costs of it at home and abroad.

The Outpost

Based on a true story and book, The Outpost tells the stories of American soldiers in Afghanistan during the Battle of Kamdesh. A story of survival, sacrifice, and grit. The Outpost is about a group of pinned-down soldiers overcoming the odds to beat back the Taliban and protect a remote American outpost. 

Da Five Bloods

A story that examines the Vietnam War through veterans who return to the jungle to find a buried treasure and the remains of a fallen friend. You might think this is a comedy and thriller but instead, we get a meditative film on the trauma of war, the guilt and trauma of surviving war, and what it is like to return to a country that doesn’t respect you for your service. 

It was also one of the final films starring Chadwick Boseman.

What’s your favorite movie to watch on Memorial Day? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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