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Joy Behar Holocaust
January 28, 2020
Joy Behar tried to make a Holocaust survivor bash Donald Trump on Monday’s episode of “The View,” but things didn’t quite go as she planned.
jim carrey lady liberty cartoon
June 21, 2018
Jim Carrey believes Trump supporters are “zombies” or people who are diseased. The Canadian actor might face some backlash as his TV series begins.
Kevin Costner View America
June 20, 2018
While on “The View” to promote his new TV show “Yellowstone,” Kevin Costner took the opportunity to slam President Trump.
Samantha Bee Ivanka C Word
June 1, 2018
Bee showed the world what liberal hypocrisy truly is when she whined to a group of Hollywood elites that the backlash she received was unfair because she only used “one bad word.”
protesters burning american flag
May 3, 2018
Socialist protesters burning the American flag got a nasty wake-up call after their “May Day” protests in Charlotte, North Carolina.
man sets himself on fire
September 19, 2017
A man in Australia was sick of waiting to withdraw money from a bank so he decided to set himself on fire, injuring others
William Orrick
April 25, 2017
San Francisco U.S. District Judge William Orrick ruled in favor of San Francisco and Santa Clara County. The judge imposed preliminary injunctions on President Trump’s January executive order withholding federal funds from cities that do not comply with federal authorities on enforcing immigration laws.