The not so tolerant left can’t handle when someone has an opinion they don’t agree with. They are unable to accept that people are permitted to think differently than they do.

One California man found this out in dramatic fashion when he wore a #BuildTheWall shirt. He was promptly harassed, touched, and demeaned by a couple of people who claim to live in his apartment complex.

He pulled out his iPhone to video the harassment. These liberals immediately accuse him of being racist, dumb, and even sexually demeaned him. How can these folks think they are tolerant when they act like this. In anti-Semitic fashion, they also ask him if he is Jewish.

Watch the video below to see how these California liberals treat anyone with different beliefs than them:

Unbelievable! I would have called the police. That was downright harassment. They wouldn’t leave him alone and taunted him. This makes me want to build the wall myself!

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