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Leftist Marchers Go Full Open Borders When Asked About Immigration

PragerU’s Will Whitt attended a leftist march in Los Angeles where people were protesting all border security and immigration processes whatsoever, apparently.

Approaching marchers with a mic in hand, Whitt asks several marchers of all ages and ethnicities about the signs they were holding, their reasons for attending the march and, most importantly, their thoughts on the Trump administration and national security.

Unsurprisingly, despite Democrats in Washington giving lip service to the necessity of having a functioning border that monitors who leaves and enters the United States, their base increasingly has no interest whatsoever in having any border at all.

Of course, it’s all wrapped up in the gobbledygook that is the supposed logic from open-border advocates.

“Workers of the world unite” was made famous by Engels and Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

“Well, the borders are kind of a construct,” one interviewee dressed up as a bumble bee argues. “So, in a sense, they are open.”

It’s all in your mind, man. Great! So, they won’t mind too much if we just take it out of our minds and manifest it physically, right?

Then there are the comparisons to President Trump the Left simply cannot help themselves from making. Pol Pot, Mousellini, HITLER. Trump is exactly like those murderous dictators in their minds, despite no evidence. Or is evidence just a construct, too?

One woman laments the fact that because of Trump, our country is not a democracy.

Well, she’s kind of right.

The United States is not a straight democracy, it’s a constitutional republic.

At least one guy holding a sign claiming, “Communism will unite our global family,” just says it straight when asked if we should have open borders.

“Yes, we will have no borders in all the world.”

I’m sure it’ll work out fine after all the people who disagree and want liberty and justice are killed off, as communist regimes are wont to do.

When Whitt points out to one protester who claims walls aren’t necessary that celebrities use walls to keep people out, she unsurprisingly has no response and reacts in a way that suggests she’s never thought about such an obvious comparison before.

The main lesson here is before you head out to protest an issue, maybe spend half the amount of time spent protesting by doing a little research first.

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