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During Monday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” leftwing cohost Joy Behar tried to force a Holocaust survivor into bashing President Donald Trump and his immigration policies. Unfortunately for Behar, however, things didn’t quite go as she hoped they would.

The Blaze reported that in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day, Holocaust survivor Millie Baran appeared on “The View” with her husband Miklh and their two adult daughters. While on the show, Baran opened up about surviving the Holocaust and about immigrating to America afterwards following a nearly five year wait.

Behar Tries To Make Holocaust Survivor Bash Immigration Laws

Given the fact that Behar has one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the entertainment world, it unfortunately came as no surprise that she desperately tried to steer the conversation towards attacking the president. She asked Baran if she felt that separating children from their families at the border was the right thing to do. She was clearly trying to take a dig at Trump, even though it was Barack Obama who started this policy at the U.S./Mexico border.

“Millie, we just heard in the video that you had to wait over four years before you could come into this country. … You know, some people are experiencing that right now in our country,” Behar said. “They’re not letting people in [at the U.S.-Mexico border] and it’s just tragic to me and to you, I’m sure. Would you like to speak to that at all?”

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Baran Empathizes With Immigrants

Baran began by saying that she had a great deal of empathy for the women and children at the border, and that she could not imagine being separated from her family.

“I realized, who doesn’t want to come to America? The best land in the world,” she said. “The lucky ones who can come here, a land of opportunity, of freedom. To us, it was a dream to get here. Naturally, it was worth it to wait, because when we came here, I practically kissed the earth.”

Baran Refuses To Play Into Behar’s Anti-Trump Agenda

However, things then took a turn that Behar did not see coming when Baran talked about the importance of immigrants following American immigration laws.

“[Immigration] was for us, a miracle, a miracle what happened,” the Holocaust survivor said. “And when we saw what happened with the people who wanted to come to America, naturally — it’s a land of laws. You cannot just come and want to come in, but I’m sure that the United States will find a way how to accommodate people who want freedom — who want a good life.”

This video shows the holocaust survivor’s family pictures. And, the conversation that took place with Behar and Baran:

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What liberals like Behar don’t realize is that illegal immigration is a slap in the face to the millions of immigrants like Baran who go through the process of coming here legally. It takes a great deal of entitlement for illegal aliens to think that they can bypass the legal process of becoming an American, hop across our border, and then have all of the rights that immigrants who took the time to come here legally have.

We’re glad to see that Baran shut Behar down and refused to play into her pathetic anti-Trump agenda. Despite what liberals like Behar say, immigration laws are important, and they need to be followed by everyone.

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