The migrants aren’t even waiting to be led into European countries. They are trying to just force their way in and that’s what happened when over 1,000 migrants climbed a high fence trying to get into Spain!

This was no regular fence these people tried to climb either. It’s nearly 20 feet high with barbed wire and they still tried to get in.

Look at the video below. They had to use cranes to get them down:

Thankfully only 2 of them got over, but what happens when there’s more? What if it’s 2,000 or 5,000? What happens then? Sooner or later somebody is going to get really hurt. These are the kinds of situations European countries brought on with their feel-good immigration policies.

Tell others about this. It’s part of the reason why President Trump is trying so hard to put policies in place that will prevent this from happening in the United States!

h/t Breaking 911

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