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At 81 years of age, Martha Stewart has made history as the oldest woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.
The late greats Loretta Lynn and Naomi Judd were honored at the ACM Awards last night in a truly beautiful way by Dolly Parton.
The former First Lady Laura Bush had some embarrassing words with daughter Jenna Bush Hager the night before her wedding.
Jenna Bush Hager is opening up about the fears that she had about her virginity when she was in the ninth grade.
Jenna Bush Hager has never forgotten being dumped by an ex-boyfriend, who broke up with her after seeing her “in a bathing suit.”
The Food Network has cancelled Valerie Bertinelli’s cooking show after 14 seasons, and she’s saying that she has “no idea why.”
Justine Bateman of “Family Ties” fame feels “sad” for young women who get plastic surgery in the hopes of staying youthful.
Jenna Bush Hager broke down in tears as she discussed yesterday’s school shooting in Nashville that killed three 9 year-old children.
February 6, 2023
Maria Shriver is opening up about her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealing that she “went to a convent” to get over it.
February 2, 2023
Jenna Bush Hager bragged yesterday that she will not be bringing any underwear to Canada for a three-day trip.
Shania Twain discussed the sexual abuse that she allegedly suffered at the hands of her stepfather when she was a child.
December 21, 2022
Jenna Bush Hager’s 9 year-old daughter went on “Today” on Tuesday to drop some embarrassing “truth bombs” about her mother.
December 1, 2022
Jenna Bush Hager didn’t wear underwear when she had dinner with King Charles the night before Queen Elizabeth died.
November 17, 2022
It was shockingly revealed that Jenna Bush Hager “never wears underwear.” This came out on the “Today” show, which she co-hosts.
Kathie Lee Gifford has directed a new Christian movie called “The Way,” and she’s speaking out to say it was her “dream job.”
Prince Harry Queen
Prince Harry is being accused of being “delusional” after he claimed that he only wants to make sure that Queen Elizabeth is “protected.”
Joanna Gaines Immigrant mother
Joanna Gaines teared up while talking about her immigrant mother who came to America without knowing any English.