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Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of the former President George W. Bush, shockingly revealed this week that when she was in ninth grade, she “worried” that she would not “save” her virginity.

Bush Hager Discusses Old Diary Entry

During Wednesday’s episode of “Today with Hoda & Jenna,” Bush Hager, 41, recalled a diary entry in which she encouraged herself to “hold” onto her virginity.

“I also had a looking at myself in the mirror and hoping I’d be able to save my virginity post,” she admitted.

This revelation caused her co-host Hoda Kotb and guest Amy Poehler to start laughing about this “embarrassing” diary entry.

“I was just worried in ninth grade that I wouldn’t have the wherewithal to hold it, you know?” Bush Hager continued.

Poehler, 51, responded by saying that in this journal entry, Bush Hager was telling herself  “you can do it, you can hold it, hang in there, you’re so close!”

“What if you’re not able to do it Jenna?!” Bush Hager said with a laugh.

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Bush Hager Admits Diary Entry Was ‘Embarrassing’

While she did not go into further detail about the “truth” of losing her virginity, Bush Hager acknowledged that it was still an “embarrassing post to look back at.”

When asked about her own most embarrassing diary entries, Poehler replied, “I think a lot of mine is about relationships, and I think a lot of mine is just, you know, the amount of love I gave to a person that was maybe not the right person to give [it to].”

Page Six reported that Bush Hager’s dating life culminated in her marrying Henry Hager in 2008, and they’ve gone on to have three children together: daughters Mila, 10, and Poppy, 7, and son Hal, 3.

Check out the entire awkward segment for yourself in the video below.

Bush Hager Never Wears Underwear

This comes months after Bush Hager shocked her fans by revealing that she never wears underwear. Kotb was stunned back in November when she found out the hard way that her co-host doesn’t wear underwear when they were changing together backstage before going live. She then immediately let viewers know about Bush Hager’s lack of underwear.

“I was a little surprised because Jenna and I know a lot about each other,” Kotb told the audience at the time. “I just had a little shock with it.”

“I think it makes a more pretty silhouette!” Bush Hager replied as she tried to defend herself. “I also think you don’t have to pack as much. There’s a lot of pros to it!”

“You promised me you wouldn’t do this! There’s a lot of people here!” she later told Kotb. “I’m sure my mom has never been more proud.”

Bush Hager’s mother is, of course, the former First Lady Laura Bush.

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One month later, Bush Hager’s 9 year-old daughter Mila confirmed that her mother doesn’t wear underwear during a “Today” show appearance.

“She never wears underwear,” Mila told Kotb. “She’s not wearing it right now. I saw her change.”

“OK, goodbye! Goodbye, I love you!” Bush Hager said in response as she shooed her daughter offstage.

Bush Hager seems to take joy in revealing the most intimate details of her life to the world, and one can’t help but wonder what her conservative parents think about that. While it’s good to be open about life, perhaps Bush Hager will eventually realize that some things are best kept to yourself.

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