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Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of the former President George W. Bush, shocked the world back in November when she revealed on the “Today” show that she never wears underwear.

Bush Hager’s commando status came up once again on Wednesday morning, when her co-host Hoda Kotb was talking to her about their three-day trip to Quebec City.

But first, check out Bush Hager and Kotb’s first day in Canada in the video below.

Bush Hager Isn’t Packing Underwear

Page Six reported that Bush Hager told viewers that she is a “medium packer” who prefers to keep her suitcase light when she travels.

“Okay, let me ask you this,” Kotb asked. “We’re going to be there for three days. How many pairs of underwear do you pack?”

Without hesitating, Bush Hager responded with an emphatic “zero!”

“I forgot! I actually forgot!” Kotb responded as she began to laugh. “I think you can tell a lot about a person when you ask them how many pairs of underwear do you pack for a three-day trip.”

Kotb then revealed that in contrast to her co-host, she always packs one extra pair of underwear when she travels.

“Just in case you have an accident?” Bush Hager teased. “Just in case you have a little accident?”

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Bush Hager Shocks Kotb With Her Commando Status

Kotb was stunned three months ago when she found out the hard way that her co-host doesn’t wear underwear when they were changing together backstage before going live. She then immediately let viewers know about Bush Hager’s lack of underwear.

“I was a little surprised because Jenna and I know a lot about each other,” Kotb told the audience at the time. “I just had a little shock with it.”

“I think it makes a more pretty silhouette!” Bush Hager replied as she tried to defend herself. “I also think you don’t have to pack as much. There’s a lot of pros to it!”

“You promised me you wouldn’t do this! There’s a lot of people here!” she later told Kotb. “I’m sure my mom has never been more proud.”

Bush Hager’s mother is, of course, the former First Lady Laura Bush. 

Bush Hager’s Daughter Confirms She Doesn’t Wear Underwear

One month later, Bush Hager’s 9 year-old daughter Mila confirmed that her mother doesn’t wear underwear during a “Today” show appearance.

“She never wears underwear,” Mila told Kotb. “She’s not wearing it right now. I saw her change.”

“OK, goodbye! Goodbye, I love you!” Bush Hager said in response as she shooed her daughter offstage.

Minutes before this, Mila had told an embarrassing story about her mother that made Bush Hager blush.

“One time she was laughing in our living room and she peed her pants,” Mila said, before turning to her mother and saying, “And you changed your pajamas!”

Check out the full exchange in the video below.

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Bush Hager Went Commando To Royal Dinner

Bush Hager is so devoted to not wearing underwear that she even went commando to a dinner with the now-King Charles, which happened to take place the night before his mother Queen Elizabeth died back in September.

“It was a beautiful tight dress,” Bush Hager said as she defended this move. “It would have shown!” 

One can’t help but think that the former President Bush isn’t thrilled that’s daughter is constantly talking about not wearing any underwear. What Bush Hager wears (or in this case doesn’t wear) is her business, but she might want to keep her commando status to herself moving forward. 

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