Sami Zayn Title Win
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It seemed like Sami Zayn and a title win was out of the question, but they may have changed. Also, FTR does not like two AEW champions.

Big Sami Zayn – Title Win Update

Sami Zayn and The Bloodline is easily the best storyline of the year. In fact, some think it is the best thing WWE has produced in a decade.

This Saturday, Sami takes on Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber. Zayn is a huge betting underdog, but fans want him to end Reign’s nearly 1,000 day title run.

For those backstage, the ending of the match is not clear. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson states a conclusion has not been revealed.

He continued how Sami winning a title is now 50/50. Then, Johnson discussed how WWE might not make a decision until the event begins.

Whoever walks out as champion, they will need to deal with Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. While nothing is confirmed, WWE could go with Reigns vs Rhodes vs Zayn.

FTR Dislikes AEW Champions

Sami Zayn Title Win

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AEW had Austin and Colten Gunn win their tag team titles on the February 8th edition of Dynamite. Overall, fans were not happy to see The Acclaimed’s title reign end by the sons of Bully Gunn.

However, that is pro wrestling as nobody can be champion forever. For FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler), they are not a fan of The Gunns.

In fact, on the FTR podcast, Harwood mentioned not being a fan of the young wrestlers.

“They are guys who study the craft and try to be better,” said Harwood. “They’re also a couple of guys who made it to the top because of who their father is.”

“They never had to be in the trenches or they’ve never had to travel to these little s-ty shows to make a buck or get seen. All they know is AEW or national television wrestling.”

“With that, they may not think it and they may not be doing it on purpose, but with that, they think that everything should be catered to them. Personally, we have different thoughts and ideologies.” 

“And that’s okay, you’re not going to get along with everyone. I will say, there aren’t too many acts in wrestling that people absolutely despise.” 

“They despise these guys.” 

“When you think about what wrestling is, you want people to be mad or to feel a certain way. They felt a certain way about that title change.” 

FTR’s Future In AEW Uncertain

Still, Harwood congratulated the brothers on thier title win. He continued how he looks forward to seeing the next chapter in their angle with The Acclaimed 

As fo FTR, their time in AEW is questionable. They have been granted several months off to think about their next move.

With Triple H having more power in WWE than Vince McMahon, some think they might return. Initially, they left WWE because of being frustrated with how Vince did not care about tag team wrestling.

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