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Tom Bergeron is responding to rumors that he’s coming back to “Dancing With The Stars” after Alfonso Ribeiro is named as co-host.
Erin Andrews Tom Bergeron host fired from Dancing With The Stars
November 17, 2021
Erin Andrews shares why getting fired from “Dancing With The Stars” as host “was the best thing” for her in the long run.
Tom Bergeron DWTS host firing
Former host Tom Bergeron just opened up about his shocking firing from “Dancing With The Stars” nearly one year later.
Tyra Banks Tom Bergeron DWTS elimination host
Fans are calling for Tom Bergeron to be brought back to replace host Tyra Banks following a major mistake during a live “DWTS” elimination.
Tom Bergeron why DWTS fired host Tyra Banks producer
DWTS Producer Andrew Llinares reveals the real reason Tom Bergeron was fired and replaced by Tyra Banks as host of the popular dance show.
Dancing With The Stars Tom Bergeron
September 2, 2020
“Dancing With The Stars” fans reacted to the season 29 cast reveal by making it clear they care about Tom Bergeron more than Carole Baskin.
Alfonso Ribeiro Tom Bergeron DWTS host
Former “Dancing With The Stars” champ Alfonso Ribeiro just blasted the show for firing Tom Bergeron and replacing him with Tyra Banks.
dancing with the stars Tom Bergeron replacement host Tyra Banks
“Dancing With The Stars” just named longtime host Tom Bergeron’s replacement and fans are livid at the apparent motive behind him being fired.
Tom Bergeron
After Tom Bergeron was fired by “Dancing With The Stars,” celebrity fans have been taking to Twitter to react, and they are not happy.
Backstage Photos From Friday Night SmackDown's Debut On Fox
October 14, 2019
Last week, SmackDown debuted on Fox & in a big way. Now, we take some time to look back at backstage photos from Friday Night SmackDown’s debut on Fox.