Tom Bergeron DWTS host firing

Fans of “Dancing With The Stars” were shocked and appalled last summer when hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews were abruptly fired and replaced by supermodel Tyra Banks.

Bergeron’s firing was particularly shocking, given the fact that he had hosted the show since its premiere in 2005 and won several Emmys.

Former DWTS Host Tom Bergeron Touched By Fan Support 

In a new interview with Fox News, Bergeron opened up about his firing and the support that he has received since then. 

“There was an outpouring of support from people who already missed you after your relationship with ‘Dancing with the Stars’ ended,” the interviewer said. “How surprised were you that you made such an impact on so many lives?”

“It was great,” Bergeron replied. “I said to somebody, ‘It was like being eulogized without the pesky business of dying.’ It’s always better if you can actually still be around to enjoy it.”

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Tom Bergeron Talks DWTS Cohost Erin Andrews

Bergeron was then asked about reuniting with Andrews recently. 

“It was just a few weeks ago,” he said. “We’re good buddies, so we had been in touch during the pandemic quite often, either by phone or by text. And that was just the first time we were able to give each other a hug and then have a meal together. But she’s a good friend, and that’s one of the lasting friendships I’ll take from that experience.”

Bergeron played it coy when he was asked if he and Andrews would ever consider reuniting for a project in the future. 

“Well, you never say never,” the seasoned host said. “There’s nothing on the screen right now for that, but I would certainly be open to considering it in the future. We just get along really well. We have similar senses of humor. I never like to close the door on anything.”

Looking Back On His Success 

Bergeron was later asked about what the secret to his success is after he’s lasted in television for decades hosting various shows. 

“Good fortune,” he said humbly. “I mean, I’ve really had quite a lucky run with “Hollywood Squares” and the dancing show and all that. I love being a team player. I love bringing my own personality into a format and seeing how much I can bounce against the restrictions of the format.”

“I think it helps, whether you’re hosting or producing or whatever your role is, if you treat it like a team sport and we’re all working towards the same goal. I think that helps,” Bergeron added. “I think it helps just create a better work environment. And with any luck, it helps ensure a bit of longevity for the format.”

For the dedicated Tom Bergeron fans out there, here’s a nostalgic DWTS blooper reel for you to enjoy:

What’s Next For Tom Bergeron?

It still stings that Tom Bergeron was fired in such a cruel way from “Dancing With The Stars”.

However, we’re happy to see the beloved host seems to be doing well these days.

The Emmy-winning DWTS host surprised everyone as The Taco during season 3 of FOX’s hit show “The Masked Singer”.

Of course, he was a good sport about getting the boot from the anonymous singing show too. You can watch Tom Bergeron talk about playing The Taco in the tweeted video below.

Here’s hoping we see more of Tom Bergeron on our television screens soon! 

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