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Yesterday, we reported that Tom Bergeron, who had hosted the show “Dancing With The Stars” since its premiere in 2005, had been fired by the show. Now, Tom Bergeron’s replacement has been revealed, and the choice told fans everything they needed to know about why the beloved host was fired.

Tom Bergeron’s “Dancing With The Stars” Replacement Is Revealed

People Magazine reported that it was revealed on Wednesday morning that supermodel Tyra Banks will be replacing Bergeron and his cohost Erin Andrews as the solo host of “Dancing With The Stars.”

This was confirmed on today’s episode of “Good Morning America.” Banks will also take over as the show’s executive producer.

“I am excited about hosting and executive producing — getting in there, live TV, you never know what happens on live TV,” Banks said today.

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Tyra Banks Celebrates Being First Black Host Of “DWTS”

The 46-year-old went on to express her excitement at being the first black host of “Dancing With The Stars.” 

“I like breaking these doors down so that we don’t have any more firsts, but it’s nice to be first so that you can open that door and let so many people in after you,” Banks said, going on to add, “I’m used to the model [firsts], but today’s the first time I’m hearing this first Dancing with the Stars black woman, I never even thought of that.”

Banks is conveniently ignoring the fact that the first season of “Dancing With The Stars” was hosted by Tom Bergeron and Lisa Canning, a black woman. 

The former host of “America’s Next Top Model” and “America’s Got Talent” also let fans of “DWTS” know that she has some big changes in mind for the series.

“Let’s just keep this real, it’s gonna be so next level,” she revealed. “We’re doing all this crazy stuff, taking it to the next level, but still keeping the stuff America loves. But you need to get ready because it’s gonna be different.” 

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Why Was Tom Bergeron Fired?

So why would “Dancing With The Stars” fire the show’s wildly popular and longtime host? It certainly wasn’t job performance related.

Tom Bergeron not only won an Emmy for his work hosting DWTS, but was also nominated for eight others during his tenure.

Given this and his popularity among fans, it seems obvious to many why he was fired.

Tom Bergeron is a ‘privileged’ white male. And so this decision by ABC plays directly to the liberal outrage mob demanding prioritization of POC.

At face value, Tyra Banks is a choice that satisfies both feminists and Black Lives Matter activists alike.

DWTS Fans Are Furious

Unfortunately for “DWTS”, this move already seems to be backfiring on them. While Banks offers an impressive resume, fans are not happy that she’s taking beloved host Bergeron’s job.

And those fans are making no secret of their unhappiness about Tom Bergeron’s replacement:

Will This Pay Off For ABC?

Bergeron had long been considered to be one of the most beloved people on the program. That’s why fans were shocked when he was unceremoniously fired this week.

“Tom Bergeron will forever be part of the Dancing with the Stars family,” ABC said in a statement about his departure. “As we embark on a new creative direction, he departs the show with our sincerest thanks and gratitude for his trademark wit and charm that helped make this show a success.”

It remains to be seen whether this move will pay off for ABC, but based on the response today from fans, it seems that the network may have made a huge mistake on this one. 

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