Hanoi Jane Fonda

Kent State University is rolling out the red carpet for Jane Fonda. That’s right – the liberal institution has invited the celebrity known as “Hanoi Jane” to speak about the May 4th, 1970 shootings on campus amidst Vietnam War protests.

Fonda earned her nickname after visiting Hanoi in 1972 to speak out against the U.S. military action in Vietnam. Thus, Fonda’s invite is proving to be a highly controversial speaker selection for the college.

The May 4th Kent State shooting marks a terrible tragedy from the Vietnam era. Four students were killed and nine were injured when the Ohio National Guard opened fire during a mass protest. Anti-war protesters had set the ROTC building on fire just days earlier. Protesters were causing such havoc on the town and campus that the National Guard was brought in. The protesters even threw rocks at the soldiers.

Hanoi Jane And Kent State

Of course, Jane Fonda is well known for her anti-war activism. The Academy Award winner infamously sat on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes and their pilots during her visit to Hanoi.

This is who Kent State feels is an appropriate speaker.

This far left activism has invaded our college campuses in an attempt to normalize outrageous behavior like Hanoi Jane’s. Her traitorous activities will be celebrated once again at Kent State. This should have many parents wondering if the cost of college is worth the indoctrination of their children.

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“The May 4 Advisory Committee believes she is a fitting voice of activism that spans many generations young and old and aligns with the pillars and vision of the 50th commemoration,” Kent State said when announcing Hanoi Jane’s involvement in the event.

Not ‘Fonda’ Jane

This is an insult to everyone who has worn the uniform of the armed forces, the POWS, the fallen soldiers, the veterans, the South Vietnamese who just wanted to live in freedom, the boat people who fled oppression, and all the patriotic Americans who support our country.

There are plenty more appropriate speakers. Plenty of other Americans opposed US involvement in Vietnam without going to the capital of the enemy to give moral support to our enemy and pretend to shoot US Airmen out of the sky.

Jane Fonda’s Gold And Diamonds

Jane Fonda is the epitome of liberal hypocrisy. She is so out of touch that she felt she deserved praise for wearing “sustainable” diamonds and gold to the Oscars this week.

She believes this somehow dignifies her and allows her to relate to the commoners. In reality, it just highlights that she is an out-of-touch spoiled, Hollywood elite. Someone with enough spare cash to fly out to Washington DC every Friday to create a spectacle and be arrested during Greta Thunberg-inspired climate change protests is not someone that I or most Americans can relate to.

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This woman has been hateful towards our military and actively spreads alarmist climate theories such as “extinction illness.”

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Maybe the 82-year-old actress should protest the climate by moving to a different hemisphere.

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