College students "decolonize" Thanksgiving dinner racist liberals brainwashsing

Liberal activists feel the need ruin just about everything these days. And they don’t take a break for the holidays. In fact, students at a Pennsylvania college are being encouraged to ruin their family’s Thanksgiving dinner by demanding it be “decolonized.”

Students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) are being told that the Thanksgiving holiday perpetuates stereotypes of Native Americans.

Not only are students being encouraged to be the thought police during Thanksgiving, but they should change up the menu and “decolonize” it.

‘Decolonize Thanksgiving’

IUP students are invited to a “Decolonize Thanksgiving” table hosted by the college’s Native American Awareness Council and sponsored by the school’s Social Equity and Title IX office.

The groups want students to “go beyond the harmful ‘pilgrims and Indians’ narrative” of our first Thanksgiving. In addition, there also is an event spanning several days called “Decolonize Cuisine” that focuses on what Native Americans ate during the colonial years.

That’s right. They want to transform the American holiday of coming together and giving thanks for what we have. Thanksgiving is a time of unity.

After all, the Pilgrims and the Indians found common ground and shared a meal together.

Rewriting History

But, that’s not okay with today’s liberals. They want it to be completely changed and turned into a revisionist history lesson complete with lots of guilt, judgement, and outrage.

From Campus Reform:

The event description also encourages students and faculty to “focus on common values: generosity, gratitude, community, and good food,” rather than the “harmful” themes of “pilgrims and Indians.”

“There will be copies of ‘The suppressed speech of Wamsutta James,’” Abigail Adams, the chairperson for IUP’s Native American Awareness Council, told Campus Reform. “We have a poster that addresses the ‘myth of thanksgiving’ with quotes from Native scholars and activists,” she added.

Adams also stated that Carrie House, a two-spirit Navajo scholar who had hosted a lecture on campus in 2017 about Native “Two-Spirits” and is labeled as a “presenter of social justice, LGBTQ2, and cultural and environmental issues,” will also be at the table to “offer the Native perspective of Thanksgiving.”

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Teachers On Board

Unsurprisingly, IUP isn’t the only place where students are told to ditch the traditional Thanksgiving festivities.

Genevieve Fitzgerald, whose Twitter Bio says she is a Reading Specialist, doesn’t believe students should wear Indian feathers and headdresses.

Shut Up And Eat

The fact that Native Americans wore these headbands is lost on these liberals. Nobody is concerned about how ridiculous the Pilgrims dressed by today’s standards.

This is our history and each generation needs to learn it!

If you encounter any of this nonsense on Thanksgiving, perhaps you’ll just want to yell “SHUT UP AND EAT!”

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