Black Lives Matter University of Southern Maine pledge

A college is being exposed for pushing students to sign what is essentially a Black Lives Matter manifesto. The University of Southern Maine is asking faculty, staff, and students to sign its Black Lives Matter and Antiracism pledge.

The President of the University of Southern Maine previously stated he will be publishing a list of signatories. Which basically equates to doxing the university’s own students and staff. Why is a student’s personal beliefs anyone’s business?

This means that people who do not sign it could possibly be subject to retaliation. The pledge quotes antiracist professor Ibram Kendi. 

“We stand in solidarity with those who are working for justice and change. And we invite you to join us in pledging to be a practicing antiracist at the University of Southern Maine and in all aspects of your life,” the pledge reads. “We believe, as Ibram Kendi writes, that “the only way to undo racism is to constantly identify it and describe it — and then dismantle it.”

“Silence Equals Violence”

Schools aren’t supposed to be in the business of forcing students to make political statements, but that is exactly what is happening here.

This is a political statement. With the extreme left toxicity on college campuses, it’s easy to imagine those who do not sign will face repercussions. 

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The left’s new mantra is “Silence Equals Violence.” It’s no longer okay to even put your head down and be quiet.

Now they are demanding you join them. Anyone who doesn’t sign this college’s Black Lives Matter pledge runs the risk of being smeared as a racist. 

But this pledge is unconstitutional and a violation of academic freedom. Colleges used to be focal points for free thought.

The University of Southern Maine has gone in a different direction. The Administration isn’t hiding the fact that they are indoctrinating its students. 

The Black Lives Matter movement now includes defunding the police and defining racism as a public health threat. These are both dangers to society.

Right now, our police need more funding as they are constantly under attack. 

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Racism As A Public Health Threat

Defining racism as a public health threat would allow the government to use its heavy hand against anyone they believe to be racist.

Public health departments have been flexing their muscles already during the coronavirus pandemic. They have the ability to shut down businesses and keep people confined to their homes.

So imagine if they had the power to define people e as racist. What would happen to the University of Southern Maine students who didn’t sign this pledge?

In the video below, Governor Mike Huckabee reports about this Black Lives Matter pledge that is being pushed on the college campus.

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