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Alec Baldwin lawsuit fallen Marine Rylee McCollum sister Roice January 6
January 20, 2022
The family of a U.S. Marine killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan last summer is suing Alec Baldwin for…
Veterans United Veteran Day give homes Rob Riggle
Screenshot YouTube
November 10, 2021
Veterans United and actor Rob Riggle are celebrating Veterans Day 2021 with a home giveaway for 11 incredibly deserving US…
Mainstream Media Patriotism
Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 15, 2021
The mainstream media portrays patriotism as being "adjacent to something evil," analysts are saying this week.
Prince Harry popularity plummets
Source: Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube
September 10, 2021
Prince Harry's plummeting popularity "adds to his anger" and leaves him and Meghan Markle "more trapped than ever," an expert…
Source: Screenshot YouTube/Screenshot YouTube
August 27, 2021
Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond" publicly thanked fellow actor Gary Sinise for honoring the U.S. military in a beautiful…
Angelina Jolie Biden
August 24, 2021
Angelina Jolie joined Instagram and in her first post said that she's "ashamed" of President Joe Biden and how he's…
Candace Cameron Bure movie Aurora Teagarden Afghanistan faith
Source: Screenshot YouTube
August 18, 2021
Candace Cameron Bure has a new Aurora Teagarden movie coming out but feels "weird" promoting it amid the chaos in…
OJ Simpson video Afghanistan masks Texas parents
Source: Screenshot Twitter Video
August 17, 2021
OJ Simpson posted a video mocking Afghanistan's Army for a weak Taliban resistance saying TX and FL parents fought harder…
Prince Harry Meghan Afghanistan statement Invictus Games
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August 17, 2021
Prince Harry issued two statements on the Afghanistan situation - one joint through the Invictus Games and one personal with…
Prince Harry why leave Royal Family Diana
May 13, 2021
Prince Harry opened up on a new podcast about why he'd wanted to leave the Royal Family for years and…
Last Man Standing Tim Allen divides us
April 19, 2021
"Last Man Standing" star Tim Allen defied Hollywood norms to call out the "willful process to divide us" that's happening…
Gary Sinise
Petty Officer 3rd Class Joe Painter, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
March 5, 2021
Gary Sinise, known for his role as Lt. Dan Taylor in "Forrest Gump," recently gave a veteran wounded in Afghanistan…
Prince Harry Royal Marines Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth
October 26, 2020
A top British General has some harshly critical words for Prince Harry who reportedly has turned his back on the…
Gary Sinise auction Jeep help Veterans
June 26, 2020
Hollywood star Gary Sinise recently raised $1.3 million to help American veterans by auctioning off his jeep not once, but…
Prince Harry Invictus Games Foundation supporters turn on him
February 24, 2020
Donors to Prince Harry's beloved Invictus Games Foundation have reportedly turned on him after he and wife Meghan Markle decided…
Toby Keith Praises Trump And American Flag in new Fox interview with Chris Wallace
November 25, 2019
"Courtesy of the Red White and Blue" singer Toby Keither sat down with Fox's Chris Wallace to talk America and…
navy veteran welcomed home
July 2, 2019
An American hero was welcomed home to New Jersey one last time after he tragically lost his life while serving…
dan crenshaw pete davidson
November 7, 2018
Earlier this week, we reported that "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson mocked the injury of veteran Dan Crenshaw, a…