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Controversial former NFL MVP OJ Simpson took to social media on Monday to post a video in which he says that parents in Texas and Florida put up a better fight against masking their kids than the Afghan Army did against the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

OJ Simpson Posts Video About Afghanistan

“This morning all the the news is about to return of COVID and the Taliban,” Simpson said in the clip, according to The Daily Caller

“It’s like Vietnam this Afghanistan thing, it’s deja vu all over again, to quote Yogi Berra,” he continued. “I don’t get it. I remember when we supported the Taliban. When we gave them weapons and advice, along with Osama Bin Laden … We did that when they were trying to get the Russians out and we didn’t seem so worried about how brutally they treated their people then.”

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“Donald Trump Did The Right Thing”

Not stopping there, OJ Simpson went on to say that Afghanistan should be a “Chinese problem” and that they have issues, both religious and border related.

He said that the government in China is being “pretty smart” because they’ve already started negotiating with the Taliban, who will recognize them “politically” as long as they adhere to a couple of conditions. One of these conditions is that they stop “harboring terrorist groups.” 

“Donald Trump did the right thing when he started negotiating with the Taliban,” Simpson said of the former president, adding that he is “100%” behind what President Joe Biden “is doing now.”

“Get us out of there,” Simpson explained. “We send these guys for 20 years, all kind of money. We trained their army, crappy job I might add. We did all of this for what?”

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OJ Simpson Slams Afghanistan For Its Weak ‘Resistance’

“I see more resistance from the parents in Texas and Florida against their kids wearing the masks than I seen from Afghanistan, Afghani Army against the Taliban,” he continued. “Their heart wasn’t in it. And for them [Taliban] to run through that country as quickly as they did, you got to have a lot of the people on your side.”

“So, I say leave Afghanistan to the Afghanistan people,” Simpson concluded. “Let’s get our shots. Let’s wear the mask and get rid of this crap over here.”

Many Americans feel that Simpson got away with the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Though Simpson was arrested and charged with the murders, he was controversially acquitted by a jury after a bombshell trial.

No doubt OJ Simpson’s latest video comments will ruffle some feathers in not just Afghanistan but America where he’s already not the most popular of people. 

Do you agree with OJ?

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