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UPDATE: Today Prince Harry accepted damages and an apology from MailOnline and the British Tabloid “The Mail on Sunday” for a libel lawsuit. He sued the Associated Newspapers for libel over two articles published in October which claimed he had snubbed the Royal Marines after stepping down as a senior royal.

Harry’s lawyer Jenny Afia said the publisher has accepted that allegations that he had turned his back on the force were false.

She said:

The articles “constituted not only a personal attack upon the Duke’s character but also wrongly brought into question his service to this country.”

Harry was “proud to have served in the British armed forces for 10 years in Her Majesty’s name” and “has maintained active links with those forces ever since and will continue to do so in the future”.

The amount of the damages Harry received was not disclosed; however, Harry will be donating them to the Invictus Games Foundation. The Foundation is a charity for wounded or sick servicemen and women that he founded


A top Marine general is accusing Prince Harry of abandoning his position as Captain General of the Royal Marines since shirking his royal duties to move halfway around the world. The Duke of Sussex talks a big game about supporting members of the military, but Major General Julian Thompson went public with how Harry has turned his back on Marines.

Harry is playing wait and see for a year before deciding whether to return to his position of Captain General of the Royal Marines. 

Captain General Of Marines Position Held Vacant In Case Harry Returns

Prince Harry has held the position since 2017. But, since Megxit went into effect, Harry has not made a phone call or even sent an email associated with his position as Captain General.

Worse, the position is being left vacant for a year in case Meghan allows Harry to change his mind and fulfill his duty to the Royal Marines.

Until then, the Marines are left without proper support as Harry plays celebrity and political advocate in California.

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Major General Calls Prince Harry Abandoning Royal Marines “Wrong”

From The Daily Mail:

Last night, Major General Julian Thompson, who led 3 Commando Brigade during the 1982 Falklands War, said: ‘I’m not trying to give him a lecture, but he has to take the job seriously and not just say, “Well, I’m still the Captain General and I’m going to live in Los Angeles and never visit the UK.” 

‘It’s wrong. You can’t do that. He is expected to attend events and be around and be as accessible as his grandfather was.’

The Prince, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan alongside Marines, was given the role by the Queen in 2017, succeeding the Duke of Edinburgh who had held the post for 64 years.

Prince Harry Turned His Back On The Royal Marines

Prince Harry was once a great and honorable public servant. Prior to Megxit, he served two tours in Afghanistan and did great work with his Invictus Games. 

But now Harry has essentially turned his back on the Royal Marines.

It’s time for Buckingham Palace and Clarence House to accept that Harry is attempting to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to be a Royal but without the responsibilities.

If he will not do his duty in service to the Marines, the position should be filled by someone who cares and will actually do the job. 

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To add insult to injury, Prince Harry refused to respond or acknowledge to a letter of request inquiring about support for Britain’s military community from Lord Dannatt, a former Chief of the General Staff.

Not The First Prince Harry’s Been Called Out For Turning Back On Military 

This isn’t the first time Prince Harry has been called out by high ranking members of the British military.

Earlier this year, multiple high ranking military officials spoke out to express their disgust at Harry’s behavior. And, specifically, his disrespect towards the Queen in blindsiding her with Megxit.

One former Royal Marine told Nigel Farage on his radio show that:

“… his behaviour in the last year is not becoming of somebody that holds these important positions, these patronages, including that of the Captain General [of the Royal Marines],” Captain James Glancy said. “Now I’ve spoken to other Royal Marines and other people in the military and they’re very upset if not disgusted at the disrespect to the Queen by not discussing [his plans with Meghan].”

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