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Earlier this week, we reported that “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson mocked the war injury of veteran Dan Crenshaw, a Republican running for Congress in Texas. Now, Crenshaw has gotten the last laugh over Davidson in an epic way.

The Daily Caller reported that despite Davidson’s attempts to humiliate the Republican, Crenshaw still won his election on Tuesday and will now be representing Texas’ 2nd Congressional District. Afterward, Crenshaw fired back at Davidson by saying that his attempt to humiliate him actually probably helped him in his race.

Crenshaw says Davidson actually helped him win.

“I have to imagine that it probably helped,” Crenshaw said Wednesday morning. “That was still a tighter margin than we would have liked. I think what really helped was all the hard work that we put into it for over a year now. Going door to door — I went from restaurant to restaurant, table to table. [I] never stopped connecting with people, never stopped sharing that dream of, you know, the American way with all those constituents and trying to prove to them that I was the right one to represent them.”

This came after Davidson mocked Crenshaw for the eyepatch he wears to cover the fact that he lost his eye while serving his country in Afghanistan.

“This guy is kind of cool — Dan Crenshaw,” said Davidson. “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate for Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever.”

Many Americans have spoken out to slam Davidson for his joke about Crenshaw and to call for him to be fired.

Others predicted that the joke would actually help Crenshaw win, which is exactly what happened.

Hollywood liberals like Davidson are so full of themselves that they think they have the power to sway elections in their favor by hitting Republicans below the belt. Instead, all they accomplish by doing this is making themselves look more ignorant while incentivizing American patriots to go out and vote for the very Republicans who they are mocking.

Congratulations to Dan Crenshaw, a true American hero, on his win yesterday!

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