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The Hollywood star Dennis Quaid is celebrating his 70th birthday today, and he’s opening up about why he doesn’t regret rejecting various projects that turned out to be major hits.

Quaid Has No Regrets

“I really don’t regret any of them. Instead of Big, I did The Big Easy, which turned out to be kind of what jump-started my career, and you can’t get everything,” Quaid, who plays Ronald Reagan in the upcoming biopic Reagan, told Fox News. “That’s the way it goes.”

As for how he chooses what roles he takes, Quaid said that he “waits for things to come” to him.

“I guess at the time there are reasons for it,” Quaid said of the movies he’s turned down. “I passed on Big, passed on A League of their Own. I had good reasons for that, Peggy Sue Got Married. There were a bunch of movies like that I passed on – The Dukes Of Hazzard.”

Despite turning down these Hollywood hits, Quaid has no regrets, as he feels that his career has been “incredible.”

“It’s great being an actor,” he gushed. “You get to go and research [and] live all these lives that you would never get a chance to become acquainted with. You go through all these doors that say, ‘authorized personnel only’ and get all these experiences.”

“Each year just keeps surprising me,” he added. “So, the only strategy I’ve had in my career is to do many types of roles as possible, and I think that I’ve done that.”

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Quaid Turns 70 – Discusses His Christian Faith

Quaid is turning 70 today, and when asked how he plans to celebrate, he said that he will instead “ignore” it.

“Am I turning 70?” Quaid joked with a laugh. “I’m just going to ignore it, that’s what I’m going to do – just ignore the whole damn thing because it doesn’t seem real to me.”

This comes after Quaid recently opened up about his strong Christian faith, crediting it with helping him to overcome an addiction to cocaine.

“I got clean in 1990 of cocaine, and I read the Bible again,” Quaid told Christian Headlines. “I’d read it as a kid, and I read it again. And this time, I was really struck by the red words of Jesus. And that’s really what started, I think, what I’ve been looking for all along — and which, you know, my mother told me and other people [told me], but I never really understood which is having a personal relationship with Jesus. And, of course, that has grown over the years. But I never really understood it until then.”

“I lean on God. I talk to Him every day,” he continued. “…I talk to God about problems. …And gratitude for the blessings that I have. …It’s having somebody to talk to.”

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Quaid’s Christian Album

Last summer, Quaid released his Christian album “Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners,” which he’s very proud of.

“That’s really what we all are,” he said. “I wanted it to kind of relate to people who didn’t necessarily go to church or have a personal relationship with God. …I have been down there at the bottom and needed help and didn’t even know I needed help. And you know [that’s] redemption, that’s a universal thing.”

Quaid is a true class act, and there are few others like him in Hollywood. Let’s all wish him a very happy birthday, and many more to come!

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