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Decades after starring with Dennis Quaid in “The Big Easy,” Ellen Barkin is cursing out “every single” Republican.
November 1, 2022
Myra Lewis Williams, the former teenage bride of Jerry Lee Lewis, has broken her silence after he died at 87.
Dennis Quaid Ronald Reagan
Dennis Quaid was surprised at being offered the part of Ronald Reagan in the upcoming biopic, but the producer knew he was the right person.
Dennis Quaid Charley Pride movie wife Rozene country music
December 21, 2020
Fans of country music star Charley Pride will be thrilled to know Dennis Quaid is working with his wife Rozene on a movie about his life.
Dennis Quaid Fauci PSA Trump cancel culture
September 28, 2020
Dennis Quaid lashed out at “cancel culture” and the media after his PSA with Anthony Fauci was attacked as a political campaign for Trump.
Jon Voight video on President Trump COVID-19 response
Hollywood actor Jon Voight defied the leftist entertainment industry to praise Donald Trump for his response to COVID-19.
Dennis Quaid coronavirus is our 'World War II' moment and Trump
Dennis Quaid is defying Hollywood to praise Donald Trump and say that the coronavirus pandemic could be our “World War II moment”.
Dennis Quaid risks Hollywood career to praise Trump coronavirus response
Dennis Quaid just took a big risk by sharing a positive take on how President Trump is handling coronavirus that’s unpopular with the Left and Hollywood.
Dennis Quaid
May 22, 2019
Hollywood star Dennis Quaid is currently promoting his new movie A Dog’s Journey, which is the sequel to the hit film A Dog’s Purpose.
dennis quaid cocaine addiction
December 4, 2018
Actor Dennis Quaid recently opened up about dealing with drug addiction and what it took to get his life back on the right track.
dennis quaid ronald reagan
August 24, 2018
Hollywood is overwhelmingly dominated by liberals, which is why it’s rare that any actor will speak out to praise Ronald Reagan as the amazing
dennis quaid christian
July 25, 2018
Dennis Quaid used to to cocaine daily. The Christian actor cried out to God to help him beat his addictions and find the path to recovery.
denis quaid ronald reagan
June 22, 2018
Christian actor Dennis Quaid has signed on to portray our 40th president in an upcoming biopic about the beloved conservative president.
I Can Only Imagine
March 27, 2018
Dennis Quaid is proud of his role in I Can Only Imagine. In interviews, the longtime actor has been honest about his own Christianity. He also reveals the gift that Millard’s dying father gave his son.
dennis quaid christian
Dennis Quaid’s faith was put on display when he starred in the Christian-themed movie “I Can Only Imagine.” The movie helped him finish a song for his mom.
I Can Only Imagine
March 19, 2018
“I Can Only Imagine” crushed box office expectations by having a $17.1 million opening weekend at the box office. The Christian blockbuster movie proves there is a real demand for whole faith-based movies. Hollywood should be taking notes.