Why You Should Watch The Amazing WWII Documentary ‘The Bloody Hundredth’

Over 16 million Americans fought in World War 2.

About 119,000 of these heroes are estimated to still be alive today.

That greatest generation is always worth honoring and remembering, especially while a good number of them are still with us.

The Bloody Hundredth

Toward that end, there’s a wonderful new documentary narrated by Tom Hanks that is worth your time.

From Outkick,The Bloody Hundredth follows up Masters of the Air by taking viewers on a journey with archival footage and interviews with actual members of the air unit before they passed away.” The film “honors the heroes of the 100th Bomb Group,” according to IMDB.

The Outkick story continued:

The emotional and powerful documentary takes a hard look at what life was like for bomber crews, and shines a light on John “Bucky” Egan being captured with more details than were shown in the series.

The documentary also talks about how German civilians would attack downed pilots. The storyline was featured in “Masters of the Air,” and “The Bloody Hundredth” does a great job of pulling the curtain back even further.

‘When the World Needed to be Liberated, Young American Men Were Sent to Save Complete Strangers’

Outkick added, “More than anything, it’s impossible to watch the Apple documentary without feeling immense pride and patriotism. When the world needed to be liberated, young American men were sent to save complete strangers, and that’s exactly what they did. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid, but one small way to start paying it is by making sure their legacies are remembered forever.”

Masters of the Air and The Bloody Hundredth do just that.”

Directed by Mark Herzog and Laurent Bouzereau, The Bloody Hundredth features interviews with living B-17 bomber pilots who flew some of the most dangerous missions during World War II.

“We found interviews that were conducted in the ‘80s, the ‘90s, and the 2000s, and then we augmented that with interviewing veterans who were still with us, including John “Lucky” Luckadoo and Bob Wolff, who are both 102,” Herzog told Military Times. “Being able to tell the story to the audience and have them get just a little bit extra beyond what the series can deliver is great.”

“While our battle sequences in the sky will never be as visceral as what the series portrays, I really love the flight sequences in the series,” he continued. “Ours were actual footage filmed on handhelds, so it’s a little hard to see sometimes.”

Herzog made it clear that he very much enjoyed working on this project.

“A good story is a good story, no matter when that story happened,” he concluded. ”A good story can always teach us and enlighten us to what’s going on.”

The last war declared by Congress, as is constitutionally required, was World War 2, and despite the tragedy that comes with any war, it is one of the few in the last century that America was involved in that our country could look back on with great pride.

The Allies’ victory in that great war was good for Europe, America and the world. God bless the men who risked everything to win it.

John Hanson

John Hanson is a professional writer and editor with decades of experience in media. John has appeared on HBO as a guest of Bill Maher and on Sirius XM. He considers pro wrestling the purest form of nostalgia and entertainment.

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