another aew title stolen
source: @realwardlow, twitter, screenshot

In a bit of crime news, it appears that another AEW title may have been stolen. Plus, we’ve got an update on some recent Superstar Billy Graham health issues.

Another AEW Title Stolen

The headline indeed says it all, but apparently another AEW title has been stolen.

Or, I suppose we could argue that the first one was more, found and not immediately returned.

In that case, then-AEW Champion Chris Jericho reportedly left the title in a limo. The rest is history.

Now? This time around, there was actually a break-in involved.

AEW Star-and newly crowned TNT Champion-Wardlow reported that his rental car was broken into and cleaned out.

According to the coverage via TMZ, the rental was cleaned out of any and all personal effects.

another aew title stolen

source: @realwardlow, twitter, screenshot

Among the stolen items? Wardlow’s ring attire and yes, the championship belt.

And just like that, another AEW title is stolen.

Wardlow was in a foul mood about the incident, and I can’t really blame him.

While he heads to this week’s Dynamite, he suggested he may have to take out his frustrations on Powerhouse Hobbs…even if it meant wearing the same clothes he had on.

Surely in this day and age with rapid deliveries all over, Wardlow will manage to come up with some backup ring gear.

What we don’t know is if the belt (or a backup) will be present this week or not.

Either way, not quite sure I’d want to be in the ring with an angry Wardlow this week.

Superstar Billy Graham Health Issues

In some other news, this time a bit more sad, we’ve got news on more health issues for Superstar Billy Graham.

The WWE Hall of Famer has had his hands full with health issues of late, and the news has not gotten better.

To start off 2023, Graham reportedly had to be resuscitated while en route to the hospital for other health issues.

More recently, he had to battle COVID, which given his other conditions, is not ideal.

Now, his wife has provided another update, and things are not getting any better for Graham.

According to the update, Superstar Billy Graham is now back at the Mayo Clinic, this time to get help with ongoing kidney and lung issues.

The lung issues may be linked to his battle with COVID, but the kidney issue seems quite serious.

another aew title stolen

source@NixNotHome, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, according to his wife, he is in acute renal failure.

All these health issues combined can take a toll on someone. While Graham is a fighter, even he can only do so much.

He is fighting, of course, but there is no indication about when he might make it home.

As if those challenges weren’t enough, it was mentioned that insurance has stopped covering his care.

Of course, Graham has been battling back through health issues before, and the hope is he will do it once again.

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