chris jericho return wwe
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We’ve seen a few major returns over the years, but will Chris Jericho ever return to WWE? And now that he’s agreed to appear on TV, what are Shawn Michaels’ NXT Roadblock plans?

Will Chris Jericho Return To WWE

There have been some stunning returns over the years, including one just last year…but will Chris Jericho ever return to WWE?

In pro wrestling, never say never, right?

After all, I can remember a time where we figured names like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior would never work in WWE again…and of course, both did make returns.

Bret Hart, after that Montreal screw job? No way he’d come back, right?


Heck, Cody Rhodes started a competing promotion…surely he’d be ostracized for life?

Not at all, as now Rhodes is in the main event of next month’s WrestleMania.

Point being, never say never, right?

So will Chris Jericho be the next to return to WWE?

According to the former Y2J and Lionheart? No.

chris jericho return wwe

source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

Giving an interview to the Daily Star, Jericho was asked about his future and a WWE return.

Simply put, he has no interest in returning to WWE before he calls it a career.

It’s crazy (for me, because it means I am getting old) to think that Jericho now is what Hogan was ten or fifteen years ago.

That is, an aging veteran with not much left to give, but still a box office name.

Maybe Jericho has more left in the tank, but he’s on that part of the card now, in my opinion.

Still a draw, and still someone I’d pop for if he happened to be a surprise entrant in a future Royal Rumble…but Jericho has now slammed the door shut.

But…it is professional wrestling…so…never say never, right?

Shawn Michaels’ Roadblock Plans

Of late, he’s been tormented by Grayson Waller, leading to an announced confrontation at the next NXT event. So what are Shawn Michaels’ Roadblock plans?

Surely I was not alone in thinking, once Waller started antagonizing the boss of NXT, that there’s something planned here.

Michaels is long since retired, and in no condition to work an NXT match against a much younger talent.

So if we are being promised a face to face confrontation at Roadblock, there’s got to be a plan, right?

Surely, HBK wouldn’t step into the ring to stare down Waller without some form of backup, right?

Spoilers possibly ahead, to be nice…

The answer to the question is, yes and no.

chris jericho return wwe

source: @wwenxt, twitter, screenshot

I don’t expect Michaels to walk out with a bodyguard. But based on whispers, I do expect one debuting NXT Superstar to be waiting at the Gorilla position to provide support.

According to a few reports, this entire confrontation could be setting up the television debut of Dragon Lee.

Where this gets even more intriguing is social media. 

Specifically, Lee responded to the tweet by Waller about the situation.

Now, it might go under the radar, and it might not mean anything. 

Or, it could mean that Dragon Lee intervenes and sets up Waller’s next big opponent.

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