Ric Flair discusses retirement
source:@RicFlairNatrBoy, twitter, screenshot

After wrestling his latest final match, Ric Flair discusses his retirement.  Plus, Wardlow takes a major shot at MJF.

Ric Flair Discusses Retirement

At the end of July, he looked terrible wrestling his “last match”. Now, Ric Flair discusses his retirement.

Specifically, he brought up the subject on a recent milestone tweet.

He posted as he celebrated his 50th year in professional wrestling. Flair debuted in the ring in 1972.

Check out his post:

So, we had heard rumblings that Flair wasn’t really retired, or regretted having billed it as his “last match”.

And now he’s made it very official. In his own words, he will never retire.

Honestly, I get it…but it’s somewhat scary too.

It is hard to stop doing anything you love. When that passion is pro wrestling, and you’ve done it at the highest level for 5 decades?

Ric Flair discusses retirement

source:@RicFlairNatrBoy, twitter, screenshot

It’s even harder. Clearly, Flair is having a very hard time giving it up.

But it is scary in that…well…take a look at his last match.

He worked it as a tag match, alongside talents much younger than he. 

This was no accident, of course, as Flair needed to be carried…a lot.

On top of that, he appeared to suffer a medical issue during the event (which was apparently a work). But he did mention he was drained and passed out during the match.

Simply put, he’s addicted to doing something a 70 year old person just should not be doing.

You just hope his desire to keep wrestling does not have a tragic end.

Wardlow Takes Shot At MJF

These two AEW stars have been working together off and on for a while, and now Wardlow takes a shot at MJF.

Wardlow used to be buddy buddy with MJF, until he wasn’t.

The two have gone their separate ways. Wardlow has the TNT Championship, and MJF has a ticket for a future AEW World Championship.

Still, with so much history between them, it’s no big shock that either man has something to say about the other.

In this case, Wardlow takes a shot at MJF during a recent appearance on the Dynamite Download podcast.

On the show, Wardlow did give the devil his due.

He noted that MJF is very good at what he does, in and out of the ring.

Ric Flair discusses retirement

source:@realwardlow, twitter, screenshot

However, Wardlow called him (and I paraphrase here for language) a piece of trash.

The explanation was where things got interesting.

Describing how MJF is, Wardlow said that while he’s really good at being a heel…how he is, is really just who he is.

Meaning, we aren’t seeing MJF in gimmick mode, and he’s just the latest wrestler to stay in gimmick all the time.

According to Wardlow, the terrible heel that is AEW’s in-ring MJF? That’s just MJF.

Perhaps amped up ever so slightly for television, but in Wardlow’s opinion, that’s MJF.