big confrontation at rumble
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

The first big show of the year is known for surprises, but could we get a big and unexpected confrontation at the Royal Rumble? And, not too surprising, but WWE talent miss Stephanie McMahon.

Big Confrontation At Rumble

Fans look forward to it every year for its surprises, and this year is no different. Now, we are hearing there might be a big surprise confrontation at this year’s Royal Rumble.

Who would be involved in this big confrontation at the Rumble is what is making this truly a stunner.

It is an interesting twist, to be sure, and for a few reasons.

First, we were hearing recently that The Rock was telling WWE he was not in shape for a WrestleMania match.

That was a bit of a shock, considering that a possible Reigns-Rock main event had been seemingly penciled in for a year.

Second, we’ve been hearing how Steve Austin is in great shape and a lock for some role at WrestleMania.

Having the Texas Rattlesnake in San Antonio is not a huge leap. But…having The Rock there…but not there for Reigns?

Curious, indeed.

big confrontation at rumble

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

The other thing to keep in mind, really a few things.

We’ve heard that WWE Creative already has a pretty good idea of how and when Reigns will finally lose, and to whom.

And, let us be blunt…having Reigns lose to The Rock, with titles on the line, makes no sense.

Whatever happens, it’s the first Rumble that Triple H is booking, so there is excitement in the air.

Talent Miss Stephanie McMahon

While we may have been surprised that she resigned, it isn’t as surprising to learn that talent in WWE miss Stephanie McMahon.

It has been said in recent months that talent and staff held both Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan in high regard.

So, when Vince McMahon returned when no one but Vince wanted that…Stephanie resigned.

Per Fightful, the resignation had an immediate impact on morale for some in WWE, and not in a good way.

While the Billion Dollar Princess has played a mean heel on television, it seems the relationship she had with talent behind the scenes was anything but.

Considering that there might be quite a few anxious Superstars ever since Vince returned, you really don’t want to hear that morale is down.

According to the Fightful report, upon her resignation, they heard from a number of talents sounding down about the move.

Considering how 2022 went for Stephanie, it was a big shift.

big confrontation at rumble

source: @cole_promotions, twitter, screenshot

Last year, Stephanie first took a leave of absence. Then, stories leaked about why she was effectively pushed out.

Taking blame for things going wrong wasn’t good for her, but her father’s bad press covered all that up.

When the Vince scandal heated up, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan became co-CEOs.

While that sounded potentially awkward, the power trio (including Triple H) had been working well to end 2022.


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