WWE Interested NWA Star
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Triple H continues to ramp up the WWE roster, since taking over creative this past summer. According to a new report, the company is quite interested in an NWA top star.

WWE Interested In NWA Star

Colby Corino signed an NWA deal last year. While his time has been short with the promotion, he’s created a significant impact.

A major NWA milestone for the talent was winning the 2021 Championship Series Tournament. With that said, his contract with the company is set to expire at the end of December.

WWE Interested In NWA Star Colby Corino – Will He Sign With Them?

Corino’s set to become a free agent as of January, next year. A report from Bodyslam.net reveals that WWE is quite interested in the NWA star.

According to the report, Colby is heading to Orlando, Florida once he becomes a free agent in early 2023. Word is, he’s going to spend time at the WWE Performance Center.

The report notes he’s set to get a “thorough” look at the WWE. If things go well, and both parties like what they see, he’ll sign with the company and head to NXT.

For WNZ fans who may not be aware, Corino is the son of Steve Corino. Steve was an ex-NWA World Champion and works as a producer and trainer at NXT.

It’ll be interesting to see if and when Colby debuts on NXT. Only time will tell.

Over to the land of AEW, Claudio Castagnoli debuted with the company in June during their Forbidden Door event. It was a moment fans had been waiting for, for a long while.

While he is an important member of the AEW roster, he won’t be a part of the highly anticipated “Fight Forever” video game release. More on this story, below.

Claudio Castagnoli’s AEW Snub

The “Fight Forever” video game looks absolutely incredible. Footage has been leaked over the past few weeks, and the game is simply stunning.

WWE Interested NWA Star

Source: @TheMrHeisenberg, Twitter, Screenshot

With that said, the roster featured in the video game has many question marks attached to it. Since several talents have entered the AEW fold since the game was announced, many fans wonder which superstars have made the final cut within the game.

From Adam Cole to Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli, there are a number of stars that debuted after the video game began production. Castagnoli recently confirmed to The Dallas Morning News that he will not be a part of the game.

As Castagnoli notes, he joined AEW during the finishing stages of “Fight Forever”. Therefore, he won’t be part of the initial version that is released.

There Is A Silver Lining

With that said, Castagnoli does say that fans can create him if there’s a “create-a-wrestler” mode. Still, he’s unsure if this feature exists in the new game or not.

Claudio notes he has no clue about how downloads or downloadable content works. However, he’s sure someone will create him in character mode.

As of this point in time, there’s no release date for the video game. WNZ will stay on top of any developments linked to this story.

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