William Regal Rejoining WWE
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If the report is true, William Regal is already rejoining WWE. Also, an AEW wrestler has announced their retirement for 2023.

William Regal Reportedly Rejoining WWE,

During the hight of the pandemic, WWE released tons of wrestlers and office workers. It was pretty gross to watch as those atop WWE made billions, while others were fired.

There were several surprising names let go during that period like Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. Since then, WWE has brought back both with Triple H gaining more power.

Another shocking departure was William Regal. After being let go by WWE, he found a home in AEW.

In less than a year, he put the Blackpool Combat Club together and also helped MJF win the AEW World Championship. After turning heel at Full Gear, MJF quickly got the better of Regal.

Last Wednesday, on Dynamite, MJF hit Regal behind the head with brand knuckles. MJF solidified his heel status and Regal seems to be done.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed Regal is heading back to WWE. 

“Regal’s gone,” said Meltzer. “It’s not like maybe he’s gone. I believe that’s his farewell.”

“I believe there’s going to be something on Wednesday’s show where there will be something addressing certain things. That story is supposed to keep going in some way.”

“But, he is going back to WWE. That’s just the deal.” 

“I’ve had so many different people tell me so many different stories. The primary source story was that his contract was short-term.” 

“The WWE side says that he had an out. The closest thing to what I would say is official would be he signed a short-term deal.” 

“Others say he had an out or Tony gave him an out. Whatever it was, I certainly know that when he signed it was a three-year deal supposedly and nine months now it’s over. It sounds weird.”

Talk Of William Regal Thinking AEW Management Was Immature

Although his stay was brief, Regal made plenty of noise in AEW. Now, let us see what happens to the wrestlers that were under his guidance. 

In all likelihood, Regal will either head back to NXT or be given a backstage role in WWE. It might be for the best, as EC3 said Regal told him those running AEW were immature.

No word if Regal has a non-compete clause in his AEW deal.

AEW Star To Retire

William Regal Rejoining WWE

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Dustin Rhodes has been hinting at retirement and now we have a clearer picture. At the Great Lakes Championship Wrestling’s Blizzard Brawl event, Rhodes announced he will retire in 2023.

Rhodes has been wrestling for over 30 years and has worked for basically every promotion around. He might be best known as playing Goldust in WWE.

Right now, Rhodes is part of AEW. He was one of the original wrestlers to join when the promotion was revealed.

Lately, Rhodes has been wrestling less and less. His last AEW match was a loss to Claudio Castagnoli in August on Rampage.

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