WWE Plans Damage CTRL
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The Damage CTRL stable came together at this year’s SummerSlam. Bayley made a comeback from her injury and formed the faction with lyo Sky and Dakota Kai. As per a recent interview, the WWE had other plans for the group. More on this story, below.

Original WWE Plans For Damage CTRL

While on the Getting Over podcast, Dakota Kai reveals the “original” plans for Damage CTRL. One-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions notes this during the interview.

Apparently, Bayley shared with her that a couple of years ago that the faction would be Kai, Tegan, and Candice LeRae. Kai states those were the “ones from the start”.

She goes on to say that “obviously” things happened from that point until now and “everything” changed. They certainly did!

“Updated” WWE Plans For Damage CTRL

Kai goes on in the interview to note that as time wore on, the “updated” Damage CTRL version was her, Sky, as well as Raquel Gonzalez (Raquel Rodriquez) and Kay Lee Ray (Alba Fyre). Plans have further changed as the stable is currently in a feud with Becky Lynch and Candice LeRae. 

What will happen next for this three-woman faction? Only time will tell.

Speaking of plans changing, The Miz was supposed to be in a feud with a reality TV star. However, this was nixed.

Feud For The Miz Nixed

Jessie Godderz is a reality television star who’s been on shows like The Challenge and Real World, before turning into a wrestler. Much like The Miz, he was vocal about jumping into the land of professional wrestling, during his time on reality TV.

WWE Plans Damage CTRL

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Godderz reveals to PW Mania that the WWE tried to contact him for months at one point in time. They wanted to set up a feud between him and The Miz.

He also states during the interview that he didn’t know about this until a decade later. According to Jessie, John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon liked “his look” and charisma.

Plus, they also liked the fact that he was promoting WWE to mainstream audiences. As per Godderz, Laurinaitis and McMahon had an idea for him and the Miz to enter a “reality show” feud.

Sadly, they couldn’t get a hold of him. Therefore, their interest waned.

The Big Brother Factor

Jessie was on the reality show Big Brother at the time when WWE was trying to contact him. As most who watch this show know, participants are locked away for weeks and months on end, with zero communication with the outside world.

As such, the WWE wasn’t able to get a hold of him. The most interesting part of this entire story was that Jessie didn’t know the company was trying to get a hold of him until a decade later.

He was on the show in July 2009 and was out of the house by September of that year. He left the show not knowing about WWE’s interest and them “frantically” trying to reach him weeks earlier.

About 10 years later in 2019, Jessie states that he ran into a member of the WWE Talent Relations Department during a guest appearance he was making at an OVW Combine. This is when he learned about the entire story.

While Jessie never made it to the WWE, he did spend time at OVW and had some success working for TNA. He’s also performed on the indies circuit.

It’s too bad that WWE fans never got to see Jessie Godderz versus The Miz. It may have made for an interesting rivalry.

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