triple h making mark
source: @jayhenry79, twitter, screenshot

He has a big legacy to move away from, but Triple H is making his mark to be distinct from his dethroned father in law. And, WWE is changing the PLE format a little bit moving forward.

Triple H Making His Mark

Anyone who’s watched WWE since things changed this summer knows…Triple H is making his mark.

According to PWInsider, he’s doing it in a manner that seems kind of…simple.

Specifically, Triple H is giving Superstars more creative control. Or, in other words, giving them more freedom to have input on what they are doing and saying.

That, in turn, makes the product infinitely more watchable, because it becomes much more natural.

Vince McMahon was knocked for a lot of things, especially in his last few years.

Some said he was out of touch with both fans and talent.

Another criticism which we heard plenty was that he was too controlling. McMahon would write and re-write shows, up until the last possible moment.

He micromanaged things to an extreme, and it could frustrate talent and gave us some programs and promos that just felt awkward.

triple h making mark

source: @jayhenry79, twitter, screenshot

So, in a bit of a no-brainer, Triple H is making his mark by…well…not doing that.

He has, so to speak, taken the creative handcuffs off of the talent, giving them more free reign.

That may not be the only thing that has improved the on-screen product…but it is certainly not hurting.

Plus, one has to think it helps to retain existing talent and attract free agents. One thing many left WWE because of was that lack of control or input.

Now…that isn’t an issue.

WWE Changing PLE Format

Speaking of making his mark…WWE is expected to be changing the PLE format moving forward.

We’ve already seen some PPV mainstays get cancelled. And, WWE actually does call them Premium Live Events now too.

So what else is changing?

Well, in a move mimicking other fighting organizations (UFC, boxing and even AEW), we can now expect more post-PLE press conferences.

WWE ran a post-show press conference following Survivor Series, and it was well-received.

We’ve also seen similar events for NXT.

These press conferences haven’t been as eventful as some recent AEW ones.

However, they do often provide us with some nuggets of information and just give the overall product a fresh look and feel.

According to Sean Ross Sapp and Fightful, we can expect WWE to do more of these.

triple h making mark

source: @justinbarasso, twitter, screenshot

It’s just another way WWE is changing their PLE format.

Having Superstars talk in a more realistic setting, similar to other major sports stars, could be a great thing.

It gives talent a chance to speak openly, in a format that isn’t like their typical promos on RAW or SmackDown.

While it may not give us anything massive, it is another way to provide engagement to the product, which could be great.

And, if they can make sure we never have a massive shoot during one? Then things will be fine.