Goldberg Wrestle Roman Reigns
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With his WWE contract finished, Goldberg plans to wrestle again. Also, it sounds like Roman Reigns will work both nights of WrestleMania 39.

Goldberg To Wrestle

Bill Goldberg was a major star for WCW and he found success in WWE too. He was not as big of a star in WWE, but he had some memorable moments.

Fans last saw Goldberg at the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia on February 19. He would face Roman Reigns, who he lost to after passing out from the guillotine choke.

Those two were originally set for WrestleMania 36. About 10 days out, Reigns pulled himself from the show because of COVID concerns.

As for the future, Goldberg has completed his WWE contact. Although, he is not wrestling. 

While on the 929ESPN radio show, Goldberg discussed his future. He does not want his career ending with a loss to Reigns, so he will wrestle again.

No word if WWE will reach out to Goldberg. He turns 56 years old in a few weeks, so time is not on his side.

Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania Opponents

Goldberg Wrestle Roman Reigns

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In a few months, WWE will put another addition of WrestleMania together. Like years before, they are starting to piece together the top matches for the two night event.

As of now, nothing is official for the card. Although, Roman Reigns will enter the event holding two titles.

A big questions has been if he will work both nights. Well, the current answer is yes.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, WWE has two names in mind for opponents. Those would be The Rock and Cody Rhodes.

The Rock has been discussed for several years now. He is looking for one final match and against his relative might be the answer. 

The biggest hurdle will be getting The Rock to appear before the show. Also, getting cleared will not be easy.

When making hundreds of millions of dollars a year filming movies, they frown upon wrestling. When The Rock fought John Cena, he was injured and filming had to take a pause.

If WWE can book The Rock, that would likely take place on night two. It is not disrespect to Rhodes, but getting The Rock to wrestle should close the weekend.

Rhodes is out with an injury that he suffered right before his Hell in a Cell Match with Seth Rollins. Since returning to WWE earlier in year, the former AEW star is 3-0 against Rollins.

Many are calling Rhodes the new top babyface of WWE. And, they might be on to something as Rhodes’ second WWE run has been simply amazing.

Plans can always change, so nothing if official until WWE confirms the match. WrestleMania 39 comes from the SoFi Stadium in California on April 1 and 2.

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