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Cody Rhodes Return Update, Two Superstars Sent Back To NXT

The latest return update for Cody Rhodes is looking very positive. And, two WWE superstars have been sent back to NXT.

The latest return update for Cody Rhodes is looking very positive. Also, two WWE superstars have been sent back to NXT.

Cody Rhodes Return Update

Earlier in the year, Cody Rhodes left AEW and returned to WWE. At the time, the decision shocked many people.

Seeing how AEW has taken a beating lately, maybe he was right. Time will certainly answer that question.

Since returning to WWE, Rhodes has only worked a real program against Seth Rollins. In three matches, Rhodes walked away the winner each time.

And, that includes the final battle inside Hell in a Cell. Before the match, Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle but somehow put on a classic.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they noted how Rhodes is healing quicker than expected. Typically Rhodes would be out for around eight months.

They continued how “The American Nightmare” is currently using DDP Yoga.  Like many before, DDP Yoga is of great use.

At this point, Rhodes could be using weights. The report added how if so, they would be on the very light side.

Still, there is no official word on Rhodes retuning. If the timing works, there has been talk of him winning the Royal Rumble in January.

Then, he would challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 for a title. Some, say Rhodes the perfect choice to end Reigns’ historic title run.

Two Superstars Sent Back To NXT

Cody Rhodes Return Update
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

A pair of former main roster names appear to be headed back to NXT. Yes, Fightful Select is reporting Commander Azeez and Veer Mahaan are off the main roster.

First, we go with Commander Azeez. After a brief time on RAW Underground, he joined the main roster and was paired with Apollo Crews as a heel.

Now, Crews has dropped the heel persona and also been sent back to NXT. Although, Crews is not there to work on his skills.

As of now, there are no imminent plans for Commander Azeez. He has not been seen since late winter or early spring.

Next, we move onto Veer Mahaan. Remember, WWE hyped his debut for months.

Then, he entered a short program with Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Lately, he has been appearing on NXT TV alongside his former partner, Sanga.

Those two are either entering a program opposite each other or are returning as a team.

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