wrestlemania for the rock
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This comes up often this time of year…but what are WWE’s WrestleMania plans for The Rock? And a popular star has said they are returning to AEW soon.

WrestleMania Plans For The Rock

It comes up every year, for any not-really-retired-Superstars…so what are WWE’s WrestleMania plans for The Rock?

For WrestleMania 38…there are none.

However, for WrestleMania 39? That is a different story.

According to talk via Wrestling Observer, internal plans within WWE have The Rock and Roman Reigns headlining.

It would be that massive attraction match that Vince McMahon craves for his biggest show of the year.

That this is what WWE wants is not all that shocking. I think, once WWE announced the future WrestleMania was going back to Hollywood, plenty of fans jumped to that conclusion.


source:@wrestlingnewco, twitter, screenshot

After all, The Rock was one of WWE’s biggest Superstars ever…and now he’s effectively Hollywood’s biggest action star.

The Rock plus a Hollywood WrestleMania main event just makes too much sense.

That said, it is very easy for WWE, or those in the know, to say “Rock should headline”.

What is a bit different is that now, folks are indicating that The Rock himself wants that match.

Still, considering The Rock’s slate…it remains easier said than done.

He is shuffling numerous movie and television projects, on top of other business ventures and an upcoming XFL re-re-boot.

And, it would not be the first time if a studio nixed plans. The Rock did suffer an injury during his last WWE program, which negatively impacted his shooting schedules.

So, not a shock that Vince wants it. Not even a major shock that The Rock would, too.

Whether it happens or not? That remains to be seen, because a lot can change in a year.

Still, I can’t help but wonder…would WWE sneak The Rock in, either this weekend or say, on next week’s RAW or SmackDown…and revisit a prior program?

That is, have a year-long build to Rock-Reigns? When it happened with Rock-Cena, I was mildly skeptical, because a lot can happen in a year.

Like, what happens if one half of that tent pole match gets injured and cannot perform?

Still…it could be interesting.

Popular Star Returning To AEW

And, in other news, a popular star has announced he is returning to AEW soon.

Konosuke Takeshita announced during a recent DDT show that he would be showing up in AEW as of April…which is right around the corner.

The Japanese star has made a few appearances in AEW before, and like other talents from overseas, his matches have generally been well-received.

His next visit over is surely at least somewhat influenced by AEW’s latest partnership agreement.

While not a purchase, like with ROH, Tony Khan has shown a willingness to openly partner with other promotions.

And, recently he and AEW struck a deal with Takeshita’s home promotion of DDT.

wrestlemania for the rock

source: @ddtproeng, twitter, screenshot

Now, American fans and fans of AEW in general can look forward to another round of matches.

Considering the influx of talent into AEW, there are quite a few potentially exciting matches to look forward to.

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