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While he’s now in WWE once again, Cody Rhodes’ AEW value was substantial. Plus, one popular star might just be a free agent soon.

Cody Rhodes’ AEW Value

As he’s approaching his WWE in-ring return, get a load of Cody Rhodes’ AEW value.

Once you understand what he was making while working for Tony Khan, you will likely agree…he did not leave because of the money.

While he’s likely earning as much-or more-in WWE, his AEW value was impressive.

And, for his WWE package, we aren’t even getting into his perks, like the bus.

According to The Sports Grail, Cody Rhodes’ AEW value prior to his exit was $3 million annually.

On top of his cool 3 million, his wife Brandi Rhodes was earning a reported 2 million dollars.

While we have yet to see Brandi appear in WWE-and she might not ever-Cody has been a hit since his return.

Of course, his return was short-lived.


Source: @rhodesdagoat, twitter, screenshot

He suffered a major injury while training ahead of his big match against Seth Rollins at this year’s Hell In A Cell.

The gruesome torn pectoral injury required surgery and has kept him out of action most of the year.

But, not before he and Rollins worked that Cell match and delivered arguably the best match of the year.

If he was making 3 million in AEW, based on his performances since his return, surely he’s earned that and more in WWE.

For now, fans eagerly await his return to the ring. With the Royal Rumble a month away, many expect he might be a surprise entrant.

Could he be the chosen one to knock of Roman Reigns?

Popular Star Free Agent Soon

There is a chance that a popular indy star could become a free agent very soon.

Former champion Sami Callihan has worked all around the world, including a stop in NXT quite some time ago.

Most recently, he’s been a popular star in IMPACT…but that might be winding down.

According to Fightful, Callihan’s contract status has been a hot topic within IMPACT, but no one seems to have concrete answers.

Per some older reports, Callihan’s last contract expired in 2021, but he reportedly inked a 2 year extension.

Now, depending on the timing of things, that extension may not have long left. It could have mere days to go.

On the other hand, since things have been relatively quiet on the Callihan front…it is not impossible to think that the popular star has signed a new deal.

cody rhodes' aew value

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Considering he is one of the bigger names on the indy scene, it is not hard to imagine he would have interest from a few bigger companies.

Would make sense to see AEW interested in Callihan. Could we even see him interested in a reunion with WWE, now that there is a new boss?

Of course, he also runs his own promotion outside of IMPACT. That could have some bearing on his decision making process.

We know that WWE is likely more sensitive to outside endeavors, and that could be a sticking point.

If the company is even interested…and if Sami Callihan is even actually a free agent and looking to leave.

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