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December 26, 2022
Before he headed back to WWE, check out Cody Rhodes’ AEW value. Plus, a popular indy star could be a free agent very soon.
Jim Ross Eddie Guerrero
March 16, 2020
Jim Ross recently recalled the emotional night Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Championship. Also, a star will not wrestle until the coronavirus is contained.
The incident occurred during a match between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. After defeating Callihan, Edwards was subjected to a brutal yet scripted attack. However, things went wrong horribly when Callihan hit Edwards in the eye with a baseball bat.
January 18, 2018
To kick off the channel, Impact decided to bring back their most brutal match: Barbed Wire Massacre. According to Impact, POPTV deemed the match “Too violent for TV” so it will now be shown exclusively on Twitch following the January 18th episode of Impact.