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Tim Allen’s new miniseries “The Santa Clauses,” which will be the fourth installment of The Santa Clause film series, is set to drop next Wednesday on Disney+. To mark the occasion, Allen is opening up about the major regret he has from The Santa Clause 3: The Escape, which came out to mixed reviews back in 2006. 

But first, check out the recent red carpet event for “The Santa Clauses,” which Allen stars in with his real-life 13 year-old daughter, in the video below. 

Allen Reveals His Regrets About The Santa Clause 3

Allen told The Hollywood Reporter that he feels that he and the rest of the movie’s team “overshot the runway” on the third Santa Clause movie.

“What happened was that we became infected by our own success. [1994’s The Santa Clause] was huge, but we had about $11 for special effects,” he explained. “[2002’s The Santa Clause 2] was an extension of that but now we could put lights in the window because we had more production money.”

“By number three, all we had was money,” Allen added. “The story kind of just got bigger and bigger. And the fact that Marty Short and I never did a scene together that was funny, I’m still going huh. That’s the funniest human being I’ve ever been around, other than me, and we never got a shot to do a real big scene together.”

This all made Allen eager to “rein it in” when he jumped back into the Santa Clause suit for “The Santa Clauses.” 

“I said, ‘Somehow we gotta explain that one away and bring it back down to magic. Let’s go back to the beginning,’ and Jack and his team — brilliantly, to me — added a couple scenes that really push for you people to see what’s going on about Christmas,” he stated. “It’s a very simple, wonderful scene with all the other Santa Clauses.”

Allen is referring to Jack Burditt, who is the creator and writer of “The Santa Clauses.” Burditt was previously the creator and writer of “Last Man Standing,” Allen’s former sitcom that regularly poked fun at liberals. 

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Allen Works With Daughter For First Time

“The Santa Clauses” also gave Allen the experience of working with his real-life daughter, 13 year-old Elizabeth Allen-Dick, onscreen for the very first time. 

“He was there when I needed help, but he also let me kind of figure it out, too, which I really liked,”  Allen-Dick, who plays Santa’s daughter in the miniseries, told Entertainment Tonight.

Allen-Dick went on to recall her first day shooting with her father. 

“Walking down…He has the fat suit on, the makeup and the hair, and it was just the most surreal moment,” she said. “I got goosebumps and I see like everyone around me, the whole cast and crew is like speechless.”

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Allen’s Acting Tips

Allen gave his daughter lots of tips when it came to acting. 

“He taught me a lot of things but one that stuck with me was [about] getting into the character and then adding your little twist to it,” Allen-Dick said. “Being that character, get used to the character, make friends with the character and then kind of add some of your qualities to it and see how you can make it your own.”

We applaud Allen for being so open about what he sees as his failures for The Santa Clause 3, and we can’t wait to see what he and his daughter bring to “The Santa Clauses” when it comes out next week!

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