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The series finale of “Last Man Standing” aired last night, and while star Tim Allen is grateful for the decade-long run that the sitcom had, he’s puzzled as to why it could not go on longer. 

Allen Lashes Out 

“For those of us that loved what we were doing, on the surface it makes no sense. It’s doing well for Fox. Why not keep it going? I can only guess that it’s finances. Eventually, it’s a zero-sum game as shows get” older and costs get higher, Allen said, according to USA Today

“The zeitgeist of network TV being what it is, (the longevity) is amazing,” he added. “I’m grateful, humbled we did nine years. At the same time, I’m supposed to be grateful for this feeling of tremendous loss?”

Allen, 67, also opened up to Variety about just how much he loved working on this show. 

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‘I Adored This Show’

“I adored this show, this cast, this crew,” Allen said. “I never had a bad day on the set, and it isn’t old hat… Of course, all of the actors are still alive and well and we can see each other whenever we want, but I have not fully recovered from how much I adored that world that we created.”

Despite his decades-long career in show business, Allen found it particularly difficult to shoot the final scenes of this show as the set was being torn down. 

“It was horrific for me. I loved that set,” he said. “All of a sudden, you look around, Ed’s office is gone because ‘they’ve got to do it’ at 6:00 in the afternoon. They just put it in a van and carry it off wherever it goes.”

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Allen Got ‘Health Problems’ Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to “Last Man Standing” was so hard for Allen that he ended up having health problems. 

“I had health problems letting go of this one,” Allen told UPI. “I’m literally just feeling better. I loved every second of this experience.”

In the lead-up to the finale, Allen told Fox News that working on this show was a truly special experience. 

“I’ve done this a lot,” said Allen. “I’ve never been more impressed with camera, directing, crew, lighting, sound and a staff – no conflict of egos.”

“Last Man Standing” was one of the few shows on television that actually dared to poke fun at liberals.

While we will all miss its unique brand of humor, at least we have nearly 10 years of episodes to watch whenever we want to relive it. 

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